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Catch 'Em All With This Lake George Pokemon Go Guide!

People have been catching Pokemon on their Game Boys since the late 1990s. Now that Pokemon Go has been released, anyone with an Android or iOS mobile device can step outside and find Pokemon in the real world! From the variety of hidden Pokemon to the large number of Pokestops (real world locations), there's a lot to keep track of for such a simple game.

To help you out, we've taken a walk around one of the North Country's best spots to play Pokemon Go - Lake George Village - and created a comprehensive guide to the local Pokestops and Gyms. Take a look and plan your next Pokemon Go adventure now!

grid of pokemon

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Lake George Village Gymsa gym with ho oh

1. Minnie Ha Ha - You can challenge the Gym at the Minnie Ha Ha's dock, and then enjoy a leisurely trip on one of the Lake George Steamboat Company's three cruise ships. When you return, don't forget to check on the Gym again.

2. Adirondack Ballooning Stone - This Gym is a short distance away from the Minne Ha Ha Gym on Beach Road.

3. Shepard Park Entrance - The entrance to Shepard Park is a Gym, so it's easy enough to challenge it (and hopefully win), and then check on the Gym's status while you get a bite to eat. Both Giuseppe's Pizzeria and Pablo's Burrito Cantina are close enough to keep an eye on the Gym.

4. Lake House - Walk down past Shepard Park to the waterfront, and you will reach this Lake House Gym.

5. Old Court House - Try taking on this Gym at the Old Court House, the home of the Lake George Historical Association.

6. Lake George Historic Sign - You will find this Gym at the end of Beach Road near the Lake George Visitor Center.

7. Cannons - If you head in the direction of Adirondack Pub & Brewery, this Gym at the Cannons will be in sight.

8. Radeau Warship - This Gym is located at the far end of Million Dollar Beach.

9. Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway (entrance) - Near the southern end of Lake George Village is a Gym at the entrance of the Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway.

10. Winifred S. La Rose Memorial - In Battlefield Park, the Winifred S. La Rose Memorial is a Gym.

11. Battle of Lake George - Across from the Winifred S. La Rose Memorial in Battlefield Park is another Gym at this monument.

Village Pokestopsfort william henry pokestops

1. Fort William Henry & Its Four Bastions - Whether you are staying at the Fort William Henry Resort or are exploring the Fort William Henry Museum, then you've hit the jackpot. The Museum is a Pokestop, and the four bastions are Pokestops as well: Northwest Bastion, Northeast Bastion, Southeast Bastion, and Southwest Bastion.

In addition, near the entrance of the fort are three more Pokestops: A Common Stone, Memorial Cemetery, and Fort William Henry, Lake George.

2. Fort William Henry Resort Pokestops - Around the Fort William Henry Resort are two Pokestops. One is at the Gazebo, and the other is at the Fountain.

3. Towers Hall - Close to the road in front of the Fort William Henry Resort is a Pokestop at the Towers Hall sign.

4. Come And Take It Cannon - This historic Cannon Pokestop is located near the Towers Hall sign by the Fort William Henry Resort.

5. Lake George Volunteer Fire Department - On Amherst Street just past the Price Chopper, there is a Pokestop at the Lake George Volunteer Fire Department.

6. Prospect Mountain Trailhead - If you head to the end of Montcalm Street where it intersects with Cooper Street, you will find the Prospect Mountain Trailhead Pokestop.

7. Lake George Historical Association - On one side of Lower Amherst Street, you will see a Pokestop located at the Lake George Historical Association. It's not too far from the Boardwalk Restaurant & Marina.

8. Ethan Allen Memorial - Take a walk around the Lake George Historical Association, and you will get to this Pokestop near the docks.

9. Caldwell-Lake George Library - Across the street from the Courtyard Marriott, there is a Pokestop at the library.

10. Montcalm's Camp - Go north past the Courtyard Marriott on Canada Street, and you will reach this Pokestop.

11. Sacred Heart Church - Up Mohican Street from the Lobster Pot Restaurant is a lone Pokestop at Sacred Heart Church.

12. Village of Lake George Centennial Amphitheater (in Shepard Park) - While you enjoy the free music and fireworks at Shepard Park, you will also be able to get items from the Pokestop at the Centennial Amphitheater.

13. House of Frankenstein Wax Museum - While you're busy shopping at stores such as Live Love Laugh, don't forget about the Pokestop at the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum.

14. Lake George Visitor Center - At the intersection of Beach Road and Canada Street, there's a Pokestop at the local Visitor Center.

15. Lake George Post Office - Get a bite to eat at Christie's on the Lake or King Neptune's and collect items from the neighboring Lake George Post Office Pokestop.

16. St. James' Episcopal Church - The Pokestop at St. James' Episcopal Church isn't too far from Pizza Jerks. Walk down Iroquois Street or Ottawa Street from either end and you'll be able to get items.

17. Caldwell Presbyterian Church - Farther up Montcalm Street is a Pokestop at the Caldwell Presbyterian Church.

18. Historic Carousel - Don't get too close to the busy street, but there is a Pokestop at the Historic Carousel.

19. Howard W. MacDonald Pier - Feel like you need to walk after a good meal? Along the shoreline in front of the Lake George Beach Club, you'll find a Pokestop at the Howard W. MacDonald Pier.

20. Lake George Swim Plaque - Take a walk along the pier from Shepard Park to the Lake George Steamboat Company, and you'll find this Pokestop.

21. Lake George Beach - The main entrance to the facilities at Million Dollar Beach is a Pokestop. Stock up on items before you go swimming.

22. Lake George Forum Statue - This Pokestop is at the Lake George Forum near the southern border of Lake George Village.

Battlefield Park Poke-Tourbattlefield park pokemon go map

Did you know there are a lot of Pokestops in and around Lake George's historic Battlefield Park? See if you can find them all, and learn a little bit about the village's history along the way.

  1. WM Keith Delarm Bikeway
  2. Delaware and Hudson Railroad
  3. Submerged Track
  4. Colonial Maritime Heritage
  5. The Hospital
  6. Memorial to Four Unknown Soldiers
  7. Lake George in the American Revolution
  8. Isaac Jogues Memorial
  9. Iroquois Statue
  10. The 1755 Battle of Lake George
  11. The 1755 Battle of Lake George (second sign)
  12. Adirondack Forest Preserve
  13. Battle of Lake George
  14. Lake George Battlefield Park
  15. Lake George Battlefield Park Stockaded Fort
  16. Fort George
  17. Lake George Battlefield Park Picnic Area Entrance Sign

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