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Lake George Boating Guide

Whether you are new to boating in Lake George, or are an experienced boater looking for updated regulations, this boating guide will provide everything you need. From boat washing and decontamination to public and private launches to local boat rentals and sales, we'll help you get out on the water and have some fun!

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See boat and jet ski rentals around the lake, including pontoon boats, fishing boats, and more.
Take a personalized tour around the lake or embark on a steamboat cruise! Lake George has great cruises and boat tours.
docked boats
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Put your boat on Lake George and spend a day enjoying the water. Find docks, private or public launch sites and see where you can put-in your boat.

Before you go boating on Lake George, please read the regulations and rules - they are slightly different than other lakes in New York State!

Keep our lake clean! Protect Lake George from invasive species with these decontamination tips and preventative measures.

Captain of your own ship you're bringing with you? Do you need to register your boat? Find out, and get those questions answered.

There are numerous marinas and boat service companies located in the Lake George region. Browse the many marinas available and get your boat (or boat rental) in the water!

Ready to purchase your own boat? There are many local boat dealers who can guide you through the process.

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New to boating? Check out some beginner tips on how to drive - and dock! - so you can stay safe on the water.

Refueling a boat is more complex than refueling an automobile. Follow these easy tips to make sure you stay safe next time you refuel your boat.
With more than 28,000 acres of water to play on, Lake George offers a wide variety of exciting water activities. Check out some of the best ways to have fun on Lake George.

Have questions? We've got answers in this FAQ to some of the most common questions about boating and island camping!

Boats by George is always expanding - find out what's new at this prime Lake George boat dealership.
Meet Boats by George employee Rodney Porter. Find out how he's grown with the company and why he's stuck by George for over three decades.
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