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Million Dollar Beach Lake George Village

A large, popular beach with volleyball, picnic tables and a boat launch.
Beach Road Lake George, NY 12845


Lake George (Million Dollar) Beach is a popular area beach with lifeguards, showers, picnic areas with grills, lots of room to swim, and parking. It also features a state-run, public boat launch with a boat inspection station.

2020 Beach Hours & Access Info

Million Dollar Beach is now open seven days a week. Hours are 10:00AM - 6:00PM each day. Capacity is limited to 500 people (50% of the normal capacity) and parking is restricted to 150 cars. You may only swim if lifeguards are on duty.

Use of the beach is free. Parking costs $10/car, $5/motorcycle, and $50/bus.

The boat launch adjacent to the beach area is open and there are designated parking spaces for the launch. Due to the popularity of the spot, these spaces fill up quickly.

Learn About Million Dollar Beach (Note That Not All Amenities Are Available Yet For 2020)

Million Dollar Beach is the largest and most popular beach in Lake George. It is state-run, clean, and family friendly. The beach features picnicking, swimming, a volleyball court, showers and changing rooms, and lifeguards on duty. The picnic tables and grills by the beach are available on a first come first served basis.

There is also a public boat launch which includes a boat inspection/boat wash station, to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Rules of the Beach:

  • Swimming is prohibited unless lifeguards are on duty
  • Swimming is allowed in designated areas only
  • Swimming is prohibited at the approach and during thunderstorms
  • No glass
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • No pets

Boat Launch and Public Boat Inspection & Washing Station:

At Million Dollar Beach, a public boat inspection station, boat washing station, and boat launch are located adjacent to the beach area. The boat launch opens at 6:00am and is available for use throughout the boating season from ice out to ice formation. Boat inspections and boat washing are free of charge.

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8 reviews from our community

ill go to nh now. they treat you bad at the boat launch area. I can have a pleasant weekend staying in nh. people are pleasant there. spread the word. same wth great escape/6flags. half the rides aren't working .nh also has better place to spend a weekend on rides. lake George has lost me as a customer from all the bad help I have dealt with.

Great ,place

Beautiful beach,facilities,and launch But only spots for 30 boats and trailers! Despite that residents who pay the taxes that support the beach receive no special treatment.

Beautiful facility. Conservation folks that wash your boat are great and helpful. However, I do not recommend. Be aware - the male individual who was “in charge” of the boat launch area on Monday, September 3, 2018 is an extremely angry, unhelpful and just plain mean individual. The review posted on July 4th is accurate. We spent a wonderful time Labor Day weekend in the village - stayed on Marine Village on the lake - great place. Had no problem launching when arrived because we were not leaving boat and trailer at boat launch - the hotel had space for it. When we went to retrieve the boat Monday morning and pulled up the male in question angrily stated “we are full”. We were confused and did not understand - the parking lot was EMPTY. Tons of space and we would only be there long enough to walk back to the hotel and retrieve the boat - maybe 30 minutes with a quick walk. There was plenty of room - boat & trailer spots were not full (he had red cones in some, saving them for others. AND the parking lot had a large pickup with large RV trailer parked on one side and again EMPTY. We attempted to explain we just needed to retrieve the boat quickly. He yelled at us again “I said we are full”. We asked if could help us with any alternatives because we were confused but open minded to options - he literally threw a piece of paper in our truck window and yelled angrily “I said we were full”. We said have a nice day and drove over to the friendly gentlemen that wash your boats. He followed with his golf cart and they wouldn’t speak to us and simply said - sorry he’s in charge, you have to talk to him and mentioned other marinas but none are in walking distance to the hotel so not an option. So - we left, paid for meter parking in 3 spots a short walk up the street on a side road (again - EMPTY), walked to the hotel and brought the boat to the dock. I stayed with the boat while my husband retrieved the truck since it was the parking lot in question. Same angry man in question came down the dock and asked what I was doing. I stated my husband is bringing the truck around now, we parked it up the street. There was another dock open so we were not holding things up. He told me I had to move the boat and started yelling at me when I refused. I said I was not doing that. He came back with 3 men from another boat and said they would help me move it. I again politely said no, no one is going to get on or move my boat, he’s coming with the truck now (I could see it - It’s bright red) He was at the booth and the lady stated to him that her “husband” (angry man) was not happy because I wouldn’t move the boat and there is no room for us to retrieve and he called the sheriff (again - plenty of room) He pulled the truck down into the water to retrieve the boat and angry man started yelling at us again. We retrieved the boat, went to the washing station and left without incident because we were not going to let a power hungry angry man ruin our vacation. We were so totally confused. We’ve been enjoying lake George for a long while ...but going to Bolton Landing from now on instead of the village. It’s totally crazy - should be much better run - it is a tourist town- so be aware and enter at your own risk - or save yourself the hassle - go to Bolton Landing, use another launch site or go to a marina.

A nice beach, but, the rules are rediculous. No floaties, no water wings, no under water swimming or water toys, no game playing.
No fun.
Also, I will call her the Beach Nazi was yelling at people for walking in the water outside of the swimming area and literally called security on a man and his daughter for walking in the water.
It was nice but very unreasonable rules

The Lake George state boat launch is being used as a boat parking lot , not truck and trailer as it’s intended use. Today July 4th I pulled in at 6:30 am and every spot had a boat sitting in every spot and in two of the 30 spots were single jet skies parked taking up truck and trailer spots. This is supposed to be a boat launch , not boat parking until it’s convienemt for whome ever. This has been an on going problem, it’s also a problem every weekend. If you pull into the launch you should have to launch your boat hence boat launch not boat storage/parking. There is very limited parkimg , only 30 spots so this problem needs to be addressed ASAP , it’s not fair for the people who pay for this privilege then can’t use the launch due to this problem . Please help! everyone feels the same way but no one is doing anything about it. If your not the right contact please direct me to someone that can help thanks.

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