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Million Dollar Beach Lake George Village

A large, popular beach with volleyball, picnic tables and a boat launch.
Beach Road Lake George, NY 12845


Lake George (Million Dollar) Beach is a popular area beach with lifeguards, showers, picnic areas with grills, lots of room to swim, and parking. It also features a state-run, public boat launch with a boat inspection station.

2024 Beach Hours & Access Info

Million Dollar Beach is open from May 25 through September 2 for 2023. The beach is typically open daily from 10am to 6pm. There's a lifeguard-monitored swimming area as well as on-site boat inspection station, boat washing station, and boat launch. There is now a fence surrounding the beach to prevent people from swimming when there is no lifeguard on duty.

Use of the beach is free. Parking costs $10/car, $5/motorcycle, and $50/bus.

The boat launch adjacent to the beach area is open and there are designated parking spaces for the launch. Due to the popularity of the spot, these spaces fill up quickly.

For more info or the latest updates on Million Dollar Beach call the number listed above or visit:

Learn About Million Dollar Beach 

Million Dollar Beach is the largest and most popular beach in Lake George. It is state-run, clean, and family friendly. The beach features picnicking, swimming, a volleyball court, showers and changing rooms, and lifeguards on duty. The picnic tables and grills by the beach are available on a first come first served basis.

There is also a public boat launch which includes a boat inspection/boat wash station, to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Rules of the Beach:

  • Swimming is prohibited unless lifeguards are on duty
  • Swimming is allowed in designated areas only
  • Swimming is prohibited at the approach and during thunderstorms
  • No glass
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • No pets

Boat Launch and Public Boat Inspection & Washing Station:

At Million Dollar Beach, a public boat inspection station, boat washing station, and boat launch are located adjacent to the beach area. The boat launch opens at 6:00am and is available for use throughout the boating season from ice out to ice formation. Boat inspections and boat washing are free of charge.

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17 reviews from our community

Visited million dollar beach and was disappointed. So many bees. Like everywhere. Lifeguards didn’t seem to care and were unwilling to do anything to help. Very small area for swimming and too many restrictions - no rafts or tubes allowed.

LOCALS BE WARE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AT MILLION DOLLAR BEACH!! This was what we were told today when we attempted to launch our boat at Million Dollar beach, aka Freeforall Frenzy! My husband lightly commented that we already had to use the overflow parking lot across the street for our truck and trailer as the 12 spots for the launch were all full. We should have gotten there sooner was the comment. It was 930am. The entire rest of parking around the launch was empty as normal. It is a 65 degree day and light wind mind you! After her comment on getting there earlier, we wanted to just share that having trucks park far away was really a satfey issue for the launch, and she cut us off - raised her voice and said " how fair is that to have the others without boats park over in overflow?" We said a a lot safer and much more sensible for all. Again she raised her voice and said "they pay taxes too, So why should they have to". People, earlier in the month we were trying to come off the water and the launch was insane, no one monitors it. People were arguing and not being respectful over waiting. My husband had to go to overflow launch to get our truck and while I waited at the dock, with 4 kids in the boat, some stranger attempted to untie my boat and told me I need to move it so his jetski could load, which he already had a clear run, just inexperienced driver to handle the loading! Let me tell you Mama Bear almost clawed him to death putting my kiddos at risk, again we tried to report it and no one wanted to hear it, as us Locals are the problem!
So this woman continued to yell at us and told us that she pays taxes and doesnt even use the lake! But we locals are ruining it for everyone because all we said was, "Why do we have to use the overflow area when there is ample parking next to the launch! If you have never been to the launch duirng a busy day and seen trucks trailers and chaos, get your self a chair popcorn and cooler and watch. I am shocked no one has not gotten seriously injured at this poor engineering setup of a huge lot. 12 spots for a huge launch, joke! Yes it is cheap parking, but anyone in Lake George trying to save our lake and all its beauty need to fire people like this lady. Is it not her job to record incidents of dangerous situations? Nope she berated us, Called us a problem and said we were creating the trouble for others. Next time I'm on vacation in another state I am going to exercise my entitlement privileges see how far that gets me.
People that are at this beach are tourists if you are beaching mainly, some locals go... But you know not to if you are a local. It is basically popular for the launch. But only if you are not a local. So thanks for ruining our day ! 😀 Oh and we ended up leaving because the launch was chaos due to no workers directing traffic and winds were very strong and extreme chop.
Next time I go though, I am going to bring her a $5 to help her with her agony over paying taxes like us locals. ha.

The million dollar beach is not fun. The life guards are yelling and blowing their whistles every minute. There is VERY limited space to swim. This includes not very far out and not very wide. There is lots of rules like can’t feed the ducks, can’t touch the ducks (even though the life guards were). Also you can’t bring inflatables so that means a little kid that can’t swim cant have floaties. There is also very little entertainment for kids.

Despite there being no signs to indicate a prohibition, and despite the NY State Parks website promoting that the day use beach area activities include fishing, you apparently are not allowed to fish in the park. Less than 1/5th of the beach is roped off for swimming and a small portion of that was guarded. The large areas labelled as "no swimming" are apparently "no anything" also. There seems to be a large disconnect between the intent of the recreational area and how the local lifeguard group enforces it. If state rules prohibited something, it should have been on signage and consistent with every other state website's promotion of permitted activities. Between a signage problem and a training problem, I think it's training.

We were swimming in marked areas and life guards were yelling and whistling about not life guard in the area meanwhile there are only 3 chairs for them and in total 7 guards were there . If people pay the whole swim area needs opened up. Then a group of ducklings were walking on our towels and we could touch them we got yelled at for that too meanwhile the group of non watching 6 life guards were touching them all. Absolutely unprofessional group of kids here. Never again would we go there.

Who authorized the $10 launch fee for use of a State launch ramp? I've been on Lake Champlain, Sacandaga many state launch ramps.... never charged to launch.... what makes Lake George different?

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