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Million Dollar Beach Lake George Village

A large, popular beach with volleyball, picnic tables and a boat launch.
Beach Road Lake George, NY 12845


Please note, Million Dollar Beach is temporarily closed as of June 5, 2021.

2021 Beach Hours & Access Info

Lake George (Million Dollar) Beach is a popular area beach with lifeguards, showers, picnic areas with grills, lots of room to swim, and parking. It also features a state-run, public boat launch with a boat inspection station.

Million Dollar Beach is open from May 29 through September 6 for 2021. The beach is typically open daily from 10am to 6pm. There's a lifeguard-monitored swimming area as well as on-site boat inspection station, boat washing station, and boat launch.

Use of the beach is free. Parking costs $10/car, $5/motorcycle, and $50/bus.

The boat launch adjacent to the beach area is open and there are designated parking spaces for the launch. Due to the popularity of the spot, these spaces fill up quickly.

For more info or the latest updates on Million Dollar Beach call the number listed above or visit:

Learn About Million Dollar Beach (Note That Not All Amenities Are Available Yet For 2021)

Million Dollar Beach is the largest and most popular beach in Lake George. It is state-run, clean, and family friendly. The beach features picnicking, swimming, a volleyball court, showers and changing rooms, and lifeguards on duty. The picnic tables and grills by the beach are available on a first come first served basis.

There is also a public boat launch which includes a boat inspection/boat wash station, to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Rules of the Beach:

  • Swimming is prohibited unless lifeguards are on duty
  • Swimming is allowed in designated areas only
  • Swimming is prohibited at the approach and during thunderstorms
  • No glass
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • No pets

Boat Launch and Public Boat Inspection & Washing Station:

At Million Dollar Beach, a public boat inspection station, boat washing station, and boat launch are located adjacent to the beach area. The boat launch opens at 6:00am and is available for use throughout the boating season from ice out to ice formation. Boat inspections and boat washing are free of charge.

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14 reviews from our community

The beach is beautiful but the staff is rude, judgemental and on top of already being put off by the place before stepping onto the beach, our stepdaughter was not allowed in the water with her arm floaties which she needs. This is nowhere in the beach rules. We won't be back any time soon. There are other beaches.

You need to rename it to Billion Dollar Beach. Why is there still E Coli in the water and on the beach. Figure it out already! It’s closed more than it’s open. Geez!

You need to rename it to Billion Dollar Beach. Why is there still E Coli in the water and on the beach. Figure it out already! It’s closed more than it’s open. Geez!

Considering you have spent large sums of money and the beach is closed yet again for E Coli, don’t you think it should be renamed “Billon Dollar Beach” at this point? How can you not find the problem?

I went there with my daughter and grandkids.i happen to have a service lady with short diry blonde hair gave mer a very hard time about my dog.she asked questions besides if i have a disability and does the dog do a service.she told me she had guideline and what she said my dog was. She kept telling me my dog wasnt a service dog and in cant run around the dog never leaves my side in case i i need her.this woman should realize not all disability are physcial. She finally let me in....but she cant tell me what my service dog is.thanks to my dog i didnt lose it on her and have an panic attack right then and there..when we were leaving she was giving people a hard time in the parking lot...i felt like she was the park nazi

I live in Lake George year around(for 30+years) about 7 miles from the lake. We have a 23 foot boat and absolutely love to be on the lake. The rate for docking your boat on Lake George is ridiculously high anywhere from $3,000. - $8,000 for our size of boat. We decided to launch every time we go out instead of docking. You can't pass up the $10.00 fee to launch at Million Dollar Beach. BUT what a HASSLE it is!!! Why was it that last year there were 46 spots to park your truck and trailer but this year its 25?? I though Lake George was trying to get tourists not drive them away!!! It really doesn't matter what time you try to launch, if your lucky you can park there, or you have to find somewhere else to park outside of the parking lot. Luckily I only live 7 miles away BUT still .... I have to drop off truck/trailer at the house, drive in with my car, wade through the traffic, fight with the person at the gate to let me in, fight with the person in the booth weather I need to pay again or even park my car there!! Oh wait, there is a huge EMPTY overflow lot across the street from the boat launch and we can't use that.....why?? Then the craziness at the launch, from fists fights, drug dealing (I personal saw) and people not knowing what they are doing!! The people who work there are rarely on the same page, we get one answer and a different answer from one person to the next! I love the fact that I pay Lake George taxes every year but can't launch and park truck and trailer or even park in the village for that matter. We don't go to the village to enjoy anything because of the expensive meters or park 6 blocks away! This isn't right at all!!!

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