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Fran Cove Motel

Affordable accommodations just a minute north of Lake George Village.
2747 US Route 9
Lake George, NY 12845


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We had reservations for 5 rooms. We booked thru We were all on motorcycles and it was pouring, thundering and lightining. We pulled into the Francove and there was a young lady behind the front desk and a gentleman on a personal phone call (not sure if he was the owner). He told us he could not find our reservation and that he had NO rooms available. (Sign outside said vacant). We were not positive if we booked thru booking or and could not get access to our email to get our reservation #. The girl behind the counter would not even look at us and the gentleman kept going in the back room on his phone dealing with his own personal issue!. He was not help, couldn't help us find other acommendations and not even a sorry. I believe he rented these rooms to other people at a much higher price to make money! When we got home we found our reservations for our 5 rooms at the Fran Cove, Gentleman out and out lied and the young lady was still not looking up and staring at her computer. STAY AWAY!!!!! We went to the Ecconolodge down the street! Events

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