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Lake George Fishing Guide

Lake George's nickname is the "Queen of American Lakes," and for good reason! Not only are its waters pristine, but the large lake is perfect for fishing throughout the year.

Ready to get started? From information about obtaining a New York State fishing license to top fishing tips during the winter, our Lake George Fishing Guide has everything you need to know!

Interested in fishing in the Lake George area? Find out what needs to be done to obtain your New York State fishing license.
Learn about the different species of fish found in Lake George, when you are allowed to catch them, and more important info.
Lake George is a beautiful lake, but it's also very large! Take a look at some of the most popular Lake George fishing spots.
Winter is the perfect time to go ice fishing in Lake George. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful ice fishing season.
Did you know Lake George is full of great game fish to catch? Check out these essential tips for catching four of the lake's most popular fish.
Need some help preparing for your next fishing trip? Discover local fishing guides, tackle shops, and more in Lake George.
From rules & regs to local boat rentals, our Lake George Boating Guide will help you prepare for your next fishing and boating trip. 

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