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Popular Fishing Spots on Lake George

Lake George is roughly 32 miles in length, making it a prime spot for fishermen interested in a variety of game fish. If you've never been fishing on Lake George before, or if you're looking for a new area to fish from, then you'll want to take a look at our list of the lake's most popular fishing spots!


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Lake George Quick Facts:

  • Length = ~32 miles
  • Elevation = ~320 feet
  • Max Depth = ~187 feet
  • Max Width = ~3 miles
  • Area of Surface = 28,451 acres
  • Fish = 36 species of fish in the Lake George watershed (the lake is stocked annually with landlocked salmon)
  • DEC Boat Launches = Million Dollar Beach, Hague Town Beach, Mossy Point, Northwest Bay Brook, and Rogers Rock Campground

Full List of Popular Lake George Fishing Spots:

  1. Lake George Village
  2. Hearthstone Point
  3. Diamond Island
  4. Diamond Point
  5. Bolton Landing
  6. The Narrows *not the Narrow Island Group
  7. Long Island
  8. Rogers Rock
  9. Huletts Landing
  10. Shelving Rock
  11. Hague
  12. Ticonderoga
  13. Dunham's Bay
  14. Assembly Point
  15. Harris Bay
  16. Warner Bay
  17. Kattskill Bay
  18. Sandy Bay
  19. Pilot Knob
  20. Dome Island
  21. Huddle Bay
  22. Northwest Bay
  23. Harbor Islands
  24. Silver Bay
  25. Mossy Point

You can book a cabin and spend a week or a weekend exploring the area and deciding which popular fishing spot is your favorite.

Fishing Spots Map

popular spots on lake george for fishing map

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