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Read Up on New York State Fishing License Info

Anyone who wishes to fish in New York State (with a few exemptions) is required to have a fishing license. New York State fishing licenses can be purchased for the entire year, a week, just a day, or an entire lifetime. Licenses are available to everyone, whether they live in the state or not.

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Getting Started:

How to Acquire a Fishing License

New York State fishing licenses can be acquired online, by phone, or in-person at an official license issuing agent.

Online Purchase

Sporting licenses, including New York State fishing licenses, are obtained online here.

Note: There are fraudulent websites claiming to sell NYS freshwater fishing licenses. The above link is the only legitimate way to purchase a New York State fishing license.

Fish Responsibly

In addition to purchasing your license you are responsible for adhering to the rules and regulations of the New York Freshwater Fishing Guide

If You Lose Your License

Licenses can be replaced at a license issuing agent location. For fishing licenses the fee is $5.

Regular Fishing Licenses

Residents of New York State

  • Annual Senior Fishing License (70+ / Military Disabled): $5.00
  • Annual Fishing License (Ages 16-69): $25.00
  • 7 Day Fishing License: $12.00
  • 1 Day Fishing License: $5.00
  • Lifetime Fishing License (up to 70 years old): $460
  • Lifetime Fishing License (70+): $65

In order to obtain a Lifetime Fishing License you must have permanent residency in New York State for one full year.

Non-Residents of New York State

  • Annual Fishing License: $50.00
  • 7 Day Fishing License: $28.00
  • 1 Day Fishing License: $10.00

Free/Reduced Fishing Licenses

  • Resident military members of NYS Organized Militia or U.S. Reserve Forces - free fishing license is available
  • Resident active military members of U.S. Armed Forces stationed outside New York State who are home on leave for 30 days or less - free fishing license is available
  • Nonresident military members stationed in New York State (»30 days) - New York State resident license price is available
  • Citizens who are legally blind and residents of New York State - free fishing license is available
  • Nonresident students attending a New York State college or university full-time - New York State resident fishing license price is available


The following exemptions apply throughout New York State:

  1. Juniors 15 years old and younger do not need a license to fish
  2. Anyone can fish during the annual free fishing weekend
  3. Anyone who is at a free fishing clinic
  4. Anyone fishing on licensed fishing preserves
  5. Citizens that are occupying and cultivating farmland, when fishing on their own land
  6. Anyone holding farm fish pond licenses and members of their immediate families, when fishing waters that are covered by license
  7. A Native American living and fishing on reservation land
  8. A patient residing at a qualifying U.S. Veterans Administration hospital/facility in New York State

A final note: If you're planning to work with a fishing guide or boat charter you can sometimes procure your license from them as well.

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