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6 Lake George Activities & Events to Put a Spring in Your Step

When the snow finally starts melting, the days are longer, and the sunshine is warm upon us, Lake George locals and visitors alike are itching to get out of the house and get outside. Whether you're looking to explore the outdoors or find fun activities and events going on, the Lake George region has a surprising amount to offer during the spring season.

What You'll Need to Check Out If You're Visiting in Early Spring

Want to Get Outside? Here's Some Great Spring-Friendly Trails to Try

Prospect Mountain is an ideal choice to hike in the spring. Why? Because Veterans Memorial Highway doesn't open until Memorial Day Weekend, so you can enjoy the spectacular view without the crowds! What's really cool about Prospect Mountain is that there is plenty of room to walk around, eat a picnic lunch, and explore when you get to the top. It isn't like other mountain summits where you're basically just standing on a rock.

Shelving Rock is another excellent hiking choice for the spring, again because it's much less likely to be as heavily trafficked as it would in the summer. This is a popular hike because it's considered to be relatively easy and is ideal for beginner hikers, but you still get amazing views.

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history marker in park

Bonus recommendation: If you'd like to take a walk outside, but maybe aren't up for hiking a mountain, you might consider Battlefield Park, especially if there are any history buffs in your group. The park is located right in the Village near Million Dollar Beach and has an interpretive path that's easy to walk and has educational information about the park. And again, coming in the spring means fewer crowds, so parking should be super easy.

One recommendation with hiking in the spring: It's mud season, so make sure you have sturdy hiking boots you don't mind getting a little dirty!

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Shopping is in Full Force for Mother's Day Gifts & More

Speaking of Mother's Day, if you haven't gotten your gift yet, you might check out the plethora of shopping opportunities in the Lake George region. Some of the shops on Canada Street don't open until the summer, but you'll still have your pick of high-end brands your mother is sure to love at The Lake George Outlets: Ralph Lauren, Lane Bryant, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Coach, and Vera Bradley. They also have Yankee Candle! You could also check out Live Love Laugh for Adirondack- or Lake George-themed gifts.

If you're visiting Lake George with your mom you might take her on a shopping excursion and let her pick out a little something special for herself. She's likely to just be happy spending the weekend with you, but buying her a little treat certainly couldn't hurt!

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Expand Your Palate & Sample Local Craft Beverages

If you're interested in decadent wine, refreshing beer, and refined spirits, the Lake George area is a treasure trove of craft beverages! The Adirondack Winery is not only open all year, but they often have really awesome events going on at this time of the year. They're located right on Canada Street.

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery and Bolton Landing Brewing Company have hours that can vary depending on the season, so if you're interested in one of those craft beverage experiences you'll just want to call them ahead of time to confirm hours or schedule a tour. Keep in mind the various craft beverage businesses may have events going on in the spring that you can check out, as Adirondack Winery often does.

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Up for an Adventure? You Got One!

Visiting the area with an adventurous crowd? Lake George will not disappoint! If you've never experienced Lake George from 300 feet high in the air check out Parasailing Adventures for this must-try activity. They open for the season May 1, 2024. Then there's Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course in Bolton Landing, which has a hire wire treetop course and opens April 13, 2024.

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Ready for a Girlfriends' Getaway? Start at The Sagamore!

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Mother's Day Weekend is a perfect excuse to visit the Lake George region! Come with your mom or a group of friends for the weekend and you can make The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing your base of operations, as they host a Girlfriends' Getaway each year at this time. The event includes a full weekend of motivational talks, fitness and wellness classes, entertainment, a fashion show and more.

While in town for Mother's Day Weekend, you might treat your mom to an exquisite dining experience at Bistro LeRoux, a slightly out of the way, upscale restaurant that can be difficult to get into during the summer months.

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For Later in the Spring: Memorial Day & Beyond

Check the Thrill of Whitewater Rafting Off Your Bucket List - Or Have an Awesome Time Tubing

Where does the snow go when it melts? Into the water! If you're really up for an adventure, spring is whitewater rafting season. One thing to be aware of, though, is that whitewater rafting in the spring is different from the summer. The water is going to be incredibly cold, you'll likely need to have a wet suit or rent one from the facility, and they may not allow children.

If everyone in your group is over the age of 18 and you're up for this thrill, go for it! Just make sure you call the place ahead of time to find out everything you'll need and what to expect for a successful trip. For a real whitewater adventure you could check out Wild Waters Outdoor Center in Warrensburg, which opens on April 13, 2024, or Sacandaga Outdoor Center, which opens May 25, 2024.

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If you're curious about whitewater rafting, but would maybe like to get your feet wet before embarking on a full rafting trip, you might consider Adirondack Adventure Center in Lake Luzerne. They offer lazy river tubing in addition to whitewater rafting, on calm, pristine waters that are only between two and four feet high, as well as whitewater rafting. They open May 25, 2024.

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