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Lake George Islands - Camping On Lake George

Share   There are 170 islands on Lake George, and you can camp on 44 of them! See map. The camping islands have a total of 398 campsites, as well as 116 picnic/day use sites on 8 islands. Picnic sites have grills, fireplaces & picnic tables. Nine have picnic shelters which you can reserve for a larger picnic and they are ideal for parties. You need to reserve the islands for day use or for camping, and there are some rules and restrictions.

There are three main clusters of islands available for camping on Lake George. Grouped by their locations on the lake, the islands are: Long Island Group, Glen Island Group and Narrow Island Group. All islands are state owned. Some islands are very large, offering 90 campsites and having resident deer, while others are very small and private, big enough for only two or three campsites. All islands are equipped with at least one toilet facility, fireplace and picnic table.Please Note: We recommend you buy local firewood as the DEC bans bringing wood into New York unless it has been treated to eliminate pests.

Set out on a Lake George camping adventure! Reserve one of the private islands on Lake George! Discover even more information about island camping on Lake George, including descriptions and photos of island sites in the listing below. 

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Hens and Chickens Lake George, NY
Ranger Island Lake George, NY
A fabulous two-campsite island close to Bolton Landing, NY.
Gravelly Island
A two campsite island which is known as a dark island as its surrounded by trees. Despite it's reputation, we found it be somewhat sunny in the center of the island. Due to the trees there is little visibility from the campsites to the lake.
Brush Island Lake George, NY
Brush Island is the largest one campsite island on Lake George located just south of Big Burnt Island and to the east of Uncas. Water Depth: 3 feet.
Sagamore Island
Sagamore Island is not where The Sagamore Resort is located. The Sagamore Resort is actually on Green Island. You'll find Sagamore the six-site, overnight state-owned camping island just a little north in the Mother Bunch.
Big Burnt Island - Part of the Glen Island Group
Big Burnt is the largest state-owned island at 30 acres. Big Burnt may have received its name from the practice employed by Native Americans who would ignite forest fires to clear land for agriculture. Close to the Rangers Station at Glen Island.
Long Island Group
Go camping in Lake George NY! Long Island campsites on Lake George are perfect for boaters who love camping, and the views are spectacular! Learn more and see photos...
Huckleberry Island aka Huck Lake George, NY
Close to Log Bay, you'll find this wonderful sunny, three campsite island
Red Rock Bay
Just a bit further north of the Glen Island group & on the east side of Lake George is an area called Red Rock Bay. Red Rock Bay is an area for camping, there are 30 sites for cruisers only. Campers must sleep on their boats as tents aren't allowed.
Turtle Island Glen Island Group
Close to the western shores of Lake George and the Point of Tongue Mountain, you'll find a large 33 campsite island named "Turtle Island". Some sites allow for boats with drafts up to 6 feet.
Glen Island Group - Glen Island Store and Rangers Station
The Glen Island Group is just off of Bolton Landing and this ranger station is the closest one to Bolton Landing, NY. So if you are using a Bolton Landing Marina for launching your boat, the Glen Island Group is the best choice of islands for you.
Sunny Island Lake George, NY
Nice one campsite island close to Glen Island
Commission Island
A two campsite island just south of Commission Point near Red Rock Bay. Large island with large sites. Water Depth: 2.5 feet.
Fox Island Lake George, NY
Very close to Black Mountain Shore and north of Red Rock Bay in Lake George, you'll find this lovely one campsite island! Water Depth: 2.5 feet
Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay is located on the eastern shore of Lake George, just north of Shelving Rock. Take a cruise and enjoy the beautiful views of the islands, shoreline and the Adirondack Mountains!
Juanita Island - Part of the Glen Island Group
Small, but peaceful camping island with breathtaking views of the lake. Perfect for camping with kids, a large group or with your sweetheart! 5 campsites available.
Phelps Island - Part of the Glen Island Group Lake George, NY
Phelps Island on Lake George is a seven site island, our favorite spot was campsite 6 as it was sunny and had a nice area to swim in and it’s close to the east side. Google Map Location: 43.529711,-73.619916 (we can not guarantee accuracy)
Horicon Island
Horicon Island is a one campsite island bathed in morning sun. It's perfect for families.
Bass Island
Bass is a fabulous one campsite island on the west side of Lake George
Log Bay Island Lake George, NY
Close to popular Log Bay this island is well liked by cruisers and used for picnics. This island has a great composting bathroom.
Black Mountain Shore Lake George, NY
On the east side of the lake at the foot of the tallest mountain on Lake George - you'll find some wonderful campsites that overlook a quiet part of the east side. Highly recommended! 15 campsites accessible only by boat. Water depth: 2.5-4 feet.
Phantom Island Lake George, NY
Phantom Island is a nice 4 site campsite island just across the channel from Glen Island, Glen Island is where the ranger station and general store is located, so it's great for people watching and for being close to the store but is not a secluded.
Uncas Island - Part of the Glen Island Group
Explore Uncas Island... why stay at a hotel when an island site awaits! See photos and learn more about Uncas Island.
Burgess Island Lake George, NY
Burgess Island is a five campsite island on Lake George in the Narrows close to Hulett's Landing. It is well known for it's jumping rocks. Docks are deep water docks with depths up to 6 feet.
Gem Island
Imagine being tucked away on Gem Island... camping on your own private island in Lake George NY is a dream come true! Water depth: 3.5 feet. See photos and learn more about this little island...
Vicars Island
Explore Vicar's Island on Lake George. Enjoy Lake George camping at its best on Vicar's Island! Vicars is across from Snug Harbor Marina. So if you are in need of gas or want to pick someone up for the day, Snug Harbor Marina makes a nice stop.
Narrow Island Group and Ranger Station - aka "The Mother Bunch"
The Narrow Island Group (not to be confused with the "Narrows" of the Glen Island Group) is in the central part of Lake George, north of the Glen Island Group. From I-87 take Exit 20 to Rt.149-Rte. 4-Rte.22-follow signs for Hullets Landing & Marina.
Little Harbor Island - Part of the Glen Island Group
Looking for information on Little Harbor Island camping? Lake George makes a beautiful setting for any camping adventure! See our recommendations for Little Harbor Island campsites at LakeGeorge.com!
East Dollar Island Lake George, NY
A three campsite island next to West Dollar Island (which has great jumping rocks). Water Depth: 3-4 feet.
Gourd Island
One campsite island. Water Depth: 4 feet. Shore Dock, has a tent platform. Windy site means great bug protection. Very sunny site. 4 people maximum on this island.
Perch Island
Perch Island is a small, private island at the southern end of the Glen Island Group on Lake George. There is a single campsite on the island, and we found out that it is perfect for couples or families that crave privacy!
Mohican Island - Part of the Glen Island Group
Go island camping on Mohican Island in Lake George NY! Great views and many different campsite options. Learn more and see photos...
Little Gourd Lake George, NY
Little Gourd Island is a single site island which is limited to 2 people. Water depth is 4 feet. Very sunny with no wind protection. Ten Platform and Shore Dock.
Fork Island Lake George, NY
A 12 campsite island just north of Big Burnt Island. Water depth varies from 2.5 to 4 feet.
Hermit Island - Part of the Glen Island Group
Discover Hermit Island in Lake George NY! Island camping is a one-of-a-kind adventure, and LakeGeorge.com helps you plan the perfect trip to Hermit Island. Learn more and see photos...