Lake George Spring Guide

Lake George is the perfect place for a spring escape! There are so many activities to enjoy, hotel discounts to snatch up, and natural beauty to behold. Discover how much fun spring in Lake George has to offer by exploring the features below.

If you're a thrill-seeker, spring is the season for whitewater rafting. Snow melt and mountain runoff make the perfect conditions for some intense rapids!

You can catch and keep trout (23"+) and landlocked salmon (18"+) all year on Lake George, but bass are catch-and-release until summer.

Hiking around Lake George and further into the Adirondacks during spring offers a challenge all its own. The locals refer to it as mud season!

Take in the budding trees and scenic views of the Lake George region on horseback this spring! Many local businesses can show you the ropes.

Lake George's seasonal dining options start to open and add to the year-round culinary scene. Be sure to experience outdoor seating if it's available!

Pictured: Christie's On The Lake

Don't let those April showers spoil the fun! There's lots to do on a rainy day, including museums, shopping, and indoor entertainment.

Many lodging venues offer early season deals to those coming to Lake George in the spring. Take advantage of these specials before the busy summer season hits!

Pictured: Fern Lodge

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