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Lake George's Duran Island has an odd shape giving it many points that allow its 8 campsites to be fairly large and private. Each site has a tent platform and a maximum capacity of 6 people. Many sites pair nicely together for larger groups.

Campsite #1: This site faces east on a nice and breezy point on the southeastern end of the island. It is close to Campsite #2 and the sites share a dock with a water depth of 4.5 feet. Its tent platform is 12x13 feet. The site is bright and sunny with ledges great for swimming.

Campsite #2: A good site on the southeastern side of the island that gets plenty of afternoon sun. Winds from the south give this site a breeze. The tent platform is 12x16 feet. Given how close it is to Campsite #1 privacy is limited but the two sites pair nicely together.

Campsite #3:  A flat site on the east side of the island with lots of morning sun and excellent views. The entry is rocky and the site has a large, flat area that would be perfect for a larger family to set up camp. The tent platform is 14x16 feet and the site has a shore dock with a water depth of 3.5 feet.

Campsite #4: This flat site on the island's east side is fairly large, partially shaded and protected from wind by the surrounding trees. The tent platform is 12x14 feet. The water is easily accessible from a large rock on the campsite. The dock is shared with Campsite #5 and has a water depth of 5.5 feet. This site would pair nicely with Campsite #3 for a larger group.

Campsite #5: A large, flat side set away from Campsite #4 and opposite Phenita Island. This site faces a set of rocks in the lake that are often moved around by swimmers to create different formations from year to year. The tent platform is 12x14 feet. The dock has a water depth of 5.5 feet and is shared with site #4.

Campsite #6: This private site sits on the northwest corner of the island. It is very nice and open and gets afternoon sun. There is a rock out on the lake you can set your chairs on to sit back and relax. The tent platform is 12'x14'. This site has a shore dock with 4.5 foot deep water.

Campsite #7: A large site set a bit inland on a point on the west side of the island. This site gets lots of afternoon sun but offers no wind protection. The tent platform is 12x16 feet. The water depth is 3 feet and this site shares a dock with Campsite #8.

Campsite #8: On the southwestern point of the island, this site is sunny and very breezy. The tent platform is 12x14 feet. This site shares the dock with Campsite #7 and the two sites would pair nicely for a larger group.

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