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Little Harbor Island - Part of the Glen Island Group

two islands on a lake in the far off distance Photo By Bill Smith
an island with tall green trees


Looking for information on Little Harbor Island camping? View our guide about Little Harbor Island and its campsites!

About Little Harbor Island

Little Harbor Island is in the Glen Island Group on Lake George. It has spectacular views of the lake and is surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains. We explored the island's campsites and snapped some photos. Hopefully, our Little Harbor Island guide will help you choose the ideal spot for your next island camping adventure on Lake George! To make a reservation, please go to ReserveAmerica.

Note: We recommend campsites 4, 5, and 9 for a group of friends camping together. These sites are located on a small bay and would be perfect for a large group. We also recommend campsite 7 for couples, as it is more private.

Our Guide to Little Harbor Island Campsites

Campsite 1 is a large, flat site with a tent platform and a shore dock. The sunny location is ideal for small groups.

Campsite 2 is slightly shady and situated just north of campsite 1. The site can be accessed by boat.

Campsite 3 is a large, flat site with a tent platform. It is located close to the water on the north side of a small bay. It has a shore dock, but you should be cautious because there are some rocks at the bay entrance.

Campsite 4 is a flat site right by the water. It has a tent platform and receives a lot of afternoon sun.

Little Harbor campsites Number 5, 9 & 4


Campsite 5 is a small, flat site on a bay. It is located on the northwest side of the island. It also receives a lot of sun in the afternoon. Groups should rent the cove with campsites 4, 5 and 9. We do not recommend renting campsite 9 unless you are with 4 or 5, as they are extremely close together.

Little Harbor campsites Number 5, 9 & 4


Campsite 6 is a large, flat site on the northwest point of the island. This site is ideal for a family and children. The campsite has mostly flat ground, a tent platform, and a nice shallow entry point. Views from every angle are great and it's very spacious and private. The site is close to an outhouse as well.

Little Harbor campsite Number 6


Campsite 7 is a small, flat site with a tent platform. Located on the southeast side of the island, there is little direct sun. It has a shared dock with campsite 8. This campsite is ideal for couples because it's fairly private and has great views. Not the best for children as there is no easy entry point into the water.

Little Harbor campsite Number 7


Campsite 8 is small with a tent platform, and it's mostly shady. The site is located close to the water, but be careful because the shore is rocky. It has a shared dock with campsite 7.

Campsite 9 is a small site with a tent platform. It faces west and has partial sunlight. It is on a bay with sites 4 and 5, as mentioned above. It also has good protection from boat wakes.

Little Harbor campsites Number 5, 9 & 4


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