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Turtle Island

sunlight shining down on a campsite with trees and a tent platform Campsite #20 pairs nicely with #21. This is a little more rocky than 20 but is still very nice with a platform and spectacular view
a shoreline near a campsite with a tent platform and trees Campsite #21 is a sunny in the afternoon with just the right amount of shade. The campsite has a beautiful view north. This campsite is close to campsite #20, so it is ideal for two families camping together as you can see from campsite to campsite.
a campsite at the top of a small hill with trees all around Campsite #22 is perched high on a hill and is very shady.
close up view of a wooden tent platform with a picnic table in the back View from Campsite #22
the shoreline with trees View of campsite #23 from the side, this campsite juts out on a little point and is ideally sunny, private and has breezes to keep the bugs away.
a picnic table at a campsite that leads to a waterfront Campsite #23 jets out into the lake which is ideal for privacy and a nice breeze. The campsite is sunny.
a small green tent set up at a clear and flat campsite near a lake Campsite #24 has no platform but is wide open and very sunny and inside a deal on a point.
a tent platform situated right by the watefront with a tall tree to the side Campsite #25 also hass a platform is open & sunny and is also on the point and private from the other campsites.


Close to the western shores of Lake George and the Point of Tongue Mountain, you'll find a large 33 campsite island named Turtle Island. Some sites allow for boats with drafts up to 6 feet.

Turtle Island is in the Mother Bunch and is a favorite among locals. It does not take long to discover that Turtle Island is the best kept secret of Lake George with jumping rocks, beautiful islands, and quieter waters.

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Note: We have descriptions for most of the campsites on Turtle Island listed below, but not all of them.

Campsite #1 leads to a point which has gorgeous views that look toward Dome Island. The nice thing about #1 is that it's in a no wake zone, so it's a little bit more private. The outhouse is a shared outhouse that is above the ground and does not smell as much as the typical outhouse, but it is a walk past #2 and #3 to get to the outhouse. 

Campsite #2 is a nice sunny campsite. However, behind the fireplace, there are trees so you can't see the lake while looking at the fire. Again, this campsite shares the large outhouse past #3. Nice outhouse.

Campsite #3 is also a sunny campsite with a fun funky stove instead of a traditional fireplace. It is close to the outhouse, but as this campsite is on a narrow part of the island, you have a breeze that goes through the campsite. This is also ideal as the breeze blows away mosquitos and bugs.

Campsite #4 is close to the outhouse on the other side and is perched higher on a hill surrounded by trees. This has some nice sunny spots as well. It would be a nice place for a family as there's no real easy entry for children to the lake, though there are some hills that could lead to the water. The campsite is close to #5, so it would be great for two families vacationing together.

Campsite #5 is also on the hill and has both sun and shade plus beautiful views to the south. This pairs nicely with #4 and also with #6.

Campsite #6 is an ideal campsite for groups and pairs nicely also with #5. It is a very shady campsite and private with the exception of #5 which is close by. Campsite #6 is a little more spacious, and it has a separate little area where you can have your fire looking into the woods. The trek up to the campsite is steep.

Campsite #7 does not have a tent platform but has multiple areas for tents. It is close to #6 and is fairly open but also on a steep hill. This one is non-reservable and must be asked about during check-in.

Campsite #8 is closer to #9 and is very open. This is an ideal campsite to set up two campsites for a larger group as many tents could fit.

Campsite #9 has its own small outhouse close to it.

Campsite #10 is extremely private and very spacious. It is at the bottom of the point. 

Campsite #11 is pretty small but fairly close to campsite #10. It is on a steep hill and doesn't have a great view as it looks out toward the rest of the island and lots of trees. This campsite is also near an inlet where the water is very shallow and becomes a little bog-like. Could be buggy, but for kids who like to search for frogs, it's ideal. 

Campsite #14 has a dock just for it, so you can have your boat on one side and kayaks on the other, or invite a friend with a boat. 

Campsite #20 and #21 pair really nicely together for families. They both have tent platforms and open up to a beautiful view of the lake with no trees in the way. 

Campsite #23 has a nice round fireplace that is really cute and is so incredibly open and spacious. It does not have a tent platform but there are so many places to put tents it would be great for groups. 

Campsite #25 also has one of the new round fire pits, but it is a little bit buggy. It has a beautiful view out into the lake

Campsite #26 is close to #27, they would pair nicely for families. They also have enough space in between for a few extra tents.

Campsite #28 has a black steel stove. The outhouse is very close to the platform, which is ideal for parents who have little children who might have to use the bathroom often throughout the night. It is within viewing distance of #27 and #29, so again this suite of campsites would be very nice for groups or more social people.

Campsite #30 is near campsite #31 It appears to be in a very nice secluded place with space from the sleeping area to the fire pit area, so this is ideal for a family where half wants to stay up and sit by the fire and the other half wants to go to sleep.

Campsite #31 is also ideal as it is located close but not too close to the above ground outhouse which is larger and typically smells a little bit less. #31 is very close to #32. 

Campsite #32 is flat but about 10 to 20 feet above the water. It does not have an easy entrance into the water.

Where is the best outhouse on the lake?

We think it's on Turtle Island. If campsite #2 is free, dock there. 

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