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Red Rock Bay

a view of the lake with a boat near the shoreline View of Red Rock Bay - Photo by Patti Jarvis
a clear view of a bay View of Red Rock Bay
a person diving into the water between two docks during sunset Red Rock Bay Docks: 29 & 30 is a great place to see the sunset as the mountains as you get the latest sun in this spot
campsite with some shade, a grill, and a picnic table Sites #29 and 30 although fairly shady do get quite a bit of late afternoon sun
a map with a pin at red rock bay
the shoreline of a lake with lots of trees and mountains in the background
a long row of cruisers parked along a shoreline The scene at Red Rock Bay on Labor Day Weekend
a few cruisers and smaller motorboats at a dock of a lake shoreline Cruisers at the docks


Just a bit further north of the Glen Island group & on the east side of Lake George is an area called Red Rock Bay, a beautiful area for camping, with 30 sites for cruisers only. Note: Campers must sleep on their boats as tents aren't allowed.

Beautiful Red Rock Bay, north of the Glen Island group, is considered a cruiser site only. What this means is you must sleep on your boat at the dock, but you still have a picnic table, fire pit and outhouse on the island.

My favorite was Red Rock #15, located all the way to the back of the bay, which was perfect for swimming, and was fairly flat, deep, sunlit and very private. One of the great attributes of this site was that you were always protected from the winds and rough water. An added plus to this site was that you could take a short walk through the woods to Paradise Bay, one of Lake George’s many gems, and there you could swing from a rope into the water or just jump off the rocks into the water. Information provided by Boathouse Waterfront Lodging, located on Lake George

As in popular Log Bay, you can also anchor in Red Rock Bay without a reservation overnight, then get a pass for a day use island during the day and enjoy a "free night" overnight in Lake George!

If you are looking for a good dock to hang out at where you get sun for the latest point in the day, we think the perfect spots on the lake are docks 29 and 30 in Red Rock Bay. They happen to be located directly across from one of the lowest mountains, so the sunset hits latest and you get the last gorgeous rays of the day amid beautiful surroundings.

For information on launching your boat, washing your boat, public docking, boat rentals and everything you need for boating on Lake George - visit our Boating Guide:

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