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Reserving Island Campsites on Lake George

Reservations for island camping on Lake George should be made far in advance because the sites are very popular and fill up quickly. Although, the DEC is making it easier to do last-minute bookings! Check out the details below.

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Reservation Tips

For Overnight Island Camping

Make your reservation through Reserve America. Patrons can now book a camping reservation for DEC campgrounds, including the Lake George islands, as late as 5pm on the day of arrival.

For Day Use Island

In the past, day use permits had to be obtained in person on a first come, first serve basis. The DEC has transitioned to automated, online sales, which can be made up to seven days in advance, and up to the day of.

For Non-Reservable Campsites

Obtain a reservation during check-in at the appropriate island group ranger station (see FAQ for more info).

Reservation Pricing

How much to rent a campsite on an island in Lake George for a night or a week? It costs $28/night or $196/week to rent a campsite on an island on Lake George. Some islands have only one campsite on them which means you can have your own island for a week for under $200 (plus tax)! What a deal!

Island Contact Information

If you have specific questions about the islands which cannot be answered by Reserve America, then we recommend contacting the DEC ranger station for your island group:

  • Long Island Group Ranger Station: 518-656-9426
  • Glen Island Group Ranger Station: 518-644-9696
  • Narrow Island Group Ranger Station: 518-499-1288

Make Your Reservation

Use the Reserve America links listed below to reserve campsites in the Lake George area:

For general questions, contact Reserve America Reservations at 1-800-456-2267 or Customer Service at 1-800-777-9644.

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