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Vicars Island

two picnic tables near a tent platform with the number one on it Campsite #1
a shoreline with trees near it and one dead tree in the water Campsite #2
towels hanging up on clothesline at campsite with a tent to the side Campsite #4 - View to the back of the camp
a campsite with roots on the ground, a tent to the side, and people in the back Campsite #4 - View of the point
a campsite covered in shadows with a tent to one side and a picnic table on the other Campsite #4
a grassy area with small trees and bush with a picnic table near the waterfront Campsite #7 on Vicars Island on Lake George
a tent platform near some picnic tables and trees Campsite #8
a tent platform with shadows on it from trees View of Lake George from Campsite #8
a heavily forested area with green bushes Campsite #8 - Entry to the water
a tent platform with the number ten on it and an outdoor grill nearby Campsite #10 on Vicars Island
tent platform in the woods with the number eleven on it Campsite #11
Map of Vicars Island on Lake George


Explore Vicars Island on Lake George. Enjoy Lake George camping at its best on Vicars Island! Vicars is across from Snug Harbor Marina. So if you are in need of gas or want to pick someone up for the day, Snug Harbor Marina makes a nice stop.

Vicars Island is part of the Mother Bunch Group of islands located near Silver Bay. The island has 11 camping sites that offer great swimming spots and spectacular views. The closest ranger station to this island is on Narrow Island.

Our Guide to Vicars Island Camping Sites:

Campsite 1 This sunny site is at the point of the island with great views. The open site catches a great breeze keeping bugs away. The site is high away from the water and shares a dock with site #2.

Campsite 2 This sunny site is close to the lake and pairs well with campsite 1.

Vicars Island Campsite #3 on Lake George - for great lake george camping on the islands

Great views from Campsite 3 on vicars of the Adirondacks and Lake George

Campsite 3 A large site on the southern tip of the island, ideal for a family with two tents, but does not have a tent platform. The open site offers spectacular southern views, catching sun all day. Great for sunrises and sunsets!

Campsite 4 This is one of the nicest sites it's a large site with lots of safe areas to enter the water, it is a quite spacious site but close to 4, it pairs nicely with 5.  Tent platform.

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Campsite 5 A smaller site, but it pairs well with campsite 4 for more room. It's west side location makes it a great place to watch sunsets and catch the evening sun.

No Image

Campsite 6 A small, private, shady site ideal for a couple. The site offers some of the nicest northern views of the lake and breathtaking sunsets. It shares a dock with campsite 9.

Campsite 7 This site has a nice platform and a gorgeous northern view toward Ticondaroga. A great place for swimming, water depth off site is 5 ft.

Campsite 8 This site is close to campsite 7. It has both a platform and two picnic tables. The site is hilly, rocky and is not protected from the wind but catches sun all day.

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Campsite 9 This pit type site is small and ideal for a couple. The site has no tent platform and is at the opposite end of island so it is very private.

Campsite 10 This site has lots of shady areas and sunny in front of campfire pit. The site is high above water and has a tent platform and shore dock. No protection from south wind and a steep walk to site are the only downfalls.

Campsite 11 An extremely private, shady site that is surrounded by trees with a path leading down to the water.

Lake George Camping

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