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Juanita Island - Part of the Glen Island Group


Juanita Island is a small but peaceful camping island with breathtaking views of the lake. Perfect for camping with kids, a large group, or with your sweetheart! 6 reservable campsites available.

Juanita Island Is Part Of The Glen Islands Group

This page is dedicated to Juanita Island campsites on Lake George. See all Lake George island camping options here.

About Juanita Island

Juanita Island is in the Glen Island Group on Lake George. We explored the island campsites and snapped photos to help you choose which ones might be ideal for your island camping adventure on Lake George. We found out that Juanita Island is a small but peaceful camping island with breathtaking views of the lake.

Camping with kids? We like site 1. Camping with a large group? It would be great to reserve 1, 2, 4 and 5 as they all go very nicely together. Camping with your sweetheart? You may prefer site 3.

Our Guide to Juanita Island Campsites

Campsite 1 is the best campsite on this island for families. In early June, the site had stockpiles of wood that looked like they would last the summer! One practically owns half the northern part of the island. It's large, open, very flat, has a nice cove, and has both morning and evening sun. There is no tent platform. I love a site that lets you view both east and west as this also means more breeze and less bugs. This shares ideally with campsite 5 as they are "viewing distance" from each other. Water depth 5 1/2`. Large flat site on northeast point, sandy bottom for great swimming. Shares dock with 2. Shares clevis toilet with adjoining sites. Shares a cove with site 5 (view cove).

Site 1 - Juanita Island


Campsite 2 is a fantastic site with wide open areas, ideal for morning sun lovers. The site offers great southern views of the lake. Great dock -- longer for novice boaters or larger boats with a platform. Water depth 5 1/2`. Flat site low to the water facing southeast with no afternoon sun. Tent platform 16` x 12`. Site 2 shares dock with 1. Shares clevis toilet with adjoining sites.

Site 2 - Juanita Island


Campsite 3 is great for romantic couples. Want privacy? This is it! If you don’t want anyone to see you in your pajamas (or not) this is the most private site on this island, sits high atop a cliff, but could be a windy spot. The site is set in from the water and has a nice platform. 3 also has its own dock, which makes you dock parallel to the island, so bring extra bumpers (view dock).

Site 3 - Juanita Island


Campsite 4 is close to campsite 5 with no platform. The site is sloped without a lot of flat ground, and it's also very shady. This is one of my least favorite sites on this island, but it pairs nicely with 1, 2, and 5.

Site 4 - Juanita Island


Campsite 5 shares a dock with campsite 4. The site is large, extremely flat, has a tent platform 16` x 12` and great views of the lake. There's plenty of evening sun and nice shade. Water depth 5` with shady, sandy bottom in front of site for swimming. Shares clevis toilet with adjoining sites. Shares a cove with site 1 (view cove).

Site 5 - Juanita Island


Campsite 6 is located near the western side of Juanita Island.

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