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Hatchet Island

Plan Your Sunny Island Getaway


Part of the Narrow Island group on Lake George, Hatchet Island has 3 campsites each with a maximum capacity of 6 people. This island gets plenty of sunshine all over. All three sites share a clivus type privy. Water depth around the island is 3-3.5'

Campsite #1: This site is located on the southern end of the island and gets sun for most of the day. There is little to no wind protection at this site. Its fireplace is on rocks overlooking the southern part of Lake George. This campsite has a 12x16 foot tent platform and shares a shallow dock with Campsite #3. Water depth is 3.5 feet.

Campsite #2: This site has lots of room to spread out but does not have a tent platform. On the southwest end of the island, this site gets afternoon sun but offers no wind protection. This site has its own shore dock which is deeper but shorter. It is a bit easier to dock at than the one for Campsites #1 and #3. Water depth is 3 feet.

Campsite #3: Separated from the other sites by the bathroom, this site is a bit more secluded. Located on the north end of the island, this site gets ample sunshine. Water depth is 3.5 feet. The tent platform is 12x14'. Its campfire spot overlooks the west side of the lake and the mountains.

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