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Sagamore Island


Sagamore Island is not where The Sagamore Resort is located. The Sagamore Resort is actually on Green Island. You'll find Sagamore the six-site, overnight state-owned camping island just a little north in the Mother Bunch.

The Campsites at Sagamore Island

Sagamore Island is a beautiful spot with six different camping sites.

Campsite 1 This is the largest site on the island. It's sunny, nice and flat as well and it pairs nicely with the island's second largest site #2. This site is directly across a short busy channel from day use island "Picnic Island", which is ideal when inviting friends to visit. Located on the west side of the island, ideal for enjoying the sunsets, the site offers good swimming. It has a tent platform and shares dock with site #2.

Campsite 2 Large site set on large rocks has a beautiful cove that is between 1 and 2 but would most likely only be used by those on #2. This site offers both sun and shade and there is some protection from wind at the dock for the boat. Offers a tent platform.

Campsite 3 A shady flat rock site that has lots of foliage, has a great area to get into the water and is close to the dock. Shares a dock with #5 and is fairly close to #5 but still private.

Campsite 4 On the east side of the island, ideal for early risers who love to watch the sun rise, is campsite #4, a private site away from the other sites. Oddly four follows #2 - though it is very far around the island. This is an open sunny site with a nice platform and offers a deep draft dock which will take a sailboat. Shore dock (parallel). Our kids liked sliding down the rocks to the shore dock and declared it the best campsite due to the "natural slide" (ideal for 5 year olds). It's a very private site and actually is nice for couples or a family traveling alone.

Campsite 5 A nice shady site, has a large flat area and a platform for your tent, shares dock with #3 and has a small entry point for getting into the lake.

Campsite 6 On the northwest corner of the island lies #6 - a very large site which overlooks picnic island. There is quite a walk from #3 to 6.


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