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September Landlocked Smack-Down!

Well it’s been a fantastic summer and things are finally starting to wind down as we approach the end of another season on the Queen of American Lakes. The boat traffic has dwindled, the days are growing shorter and the lake is finally getting a break from the summer crowds. We have had a great year and are very fortunate to fish on such a bountiful lake. The Lake Trout population seems to be doing very well and we have been pleasantly surprised to find a hot Salmon bite all summer that has shown no sign of stopping. With surface temps still in the low-seventies we are still seeing heavy stratification in the water column which should preserve this pattern for a little while longer. Long-term forecasts are prediction more summer-like weather which should prolong this period of heavy feeding.

We are very enthusiastic about the next couple years due to the amount of small fish we are catching. These are recently stocked fish likely released this spring or last fall and run about 12 to 14 inches in size. These fish seem to be doing very well. They are all very healthy looking and seem to be evenly dispersed around the lake.

Locating bait has been the key to finding these illusive critters and as always: if you find the bait you will find the fish. The bait fish this year seem to be plentiful and can be found all over the basin of the lake in classic areas. Spending time with your electronics can be critical and you have to be able to trust what you see on the screen. As we approach the fall of the year, the salmon will begin to set-up shop near traditional spawning grounds. These fish do not spawn successfully but still go through the motions as they are pre-programmed to do so by Mother nature. This is one of many things that make these fish so interesting.

A happy customer with a couple dandies! This was a tough day condition-wise but we still managed a half-dozen good bites and landed one nice hook-jawed male.
A couple nice keepers taken on an early morning trip last week.

There is still many unknown things about the Landlocked Salmon and their spawning habits are still not fully understood. Many Biologists agree that many of these fish only spawn every other year or every three years and some say there are populations of fish that do not at all. One thing is for sure and that is these hard-hitting acrobats are a blast to fish for and make excellent table fare. If you are interested in some Lake George salmon fishing give us a buzz and we will try our best to put you on some silver!