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Lake George Day Use Picnic Islands - Directly On The Lake

Discover these day use and picnic islands on beautiful Lake George NY. Speaker Heck is the largest picnic island. Black Mountain Point is a great spot for family picnics. Learn more and see photos below!

To reserve a picnic island for day use, visit a ranger station that day to book sites on a first come, first served basis.

the shoreline of an island on a lake
Sarah Island & Hazel Island
Bolton Landing, NY
Located off the Black Mountain Shore in the Glen Island Group, Sarah Island and Hazel Island are two day use islands that are smal... [+More]
flat picnic area with a picnic table
Black Mountain Point
About 2 miles north of Glen Island on the east side, you'll find a great picnic spot at the day use area known as Black Mountain P... [+More]
a tent on a campsite island near the water
Diamond Island
Diamond Island is a small picnic island on Lake George near Long Island. It is the southern most island and closest to the village... [+More]
Sunset over North side of Speaker Heck Picnic Island
Speaker Heck Island
Speaker Heck Island is located very close to Long Island and is a designated day use island. There are multiple docks along the is... [+More]
boats near a shore and a sign
Picnic Island
As its name suggests, Picnic Island is one of Lake George's day use islands. It is located in the northern Narrow Island Group and... [+More]
View of O'Dell island from the water
O'Dell Day Use Island
O'Dell Island is a day use island located in the Narrow Island Group just north of Sabbath Day Point. It has two sites that are id... [+More]
people jumping from cliff into water
West Dollar Island
West Dollar Island is a day use island in the Glen Island Group on Lake George with docking and picnic areas. It is well-known as ... [+More]