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Speaker Heck Island

an island on lake george
dock on an island
two bag chairs on the ground
the shoreline with a tree over the water
people in the water swimming
the nest of a bald eagle in a tree Bald Eagle nest
picnic tables on an island with the lake in the distance
Sunset over North side of Speaker Heck Picnic Island Sunset over North side of Speaker Heck Picnic Island


Speaker Heck Island is located very close to Long Island and is a designated day use island. There are multiple docks along the island's shoreline, and it features three picnic pavilions that are available for reservation.

This island is a favorite by many due to its close proximity to Lake George Village, and it is ideal for large groups or families interested in island picnicking.

The island takes about 15 minutes to explore, and is about a quarter of a mile long. The northern end has a cove that has been set up with large boulders so children can safely swim and play.

If you want to see the bald eagles that live on Speaker Heck go out on the dock #27 and look back toward the island and way up to scan the treeline. To the right of the outhouses, you will see a tree that bends to the right. The eagle's nest is located high up in the tree, in that bend. You can see photos in the slideshow on this page. Please be respectful! While eagles are no longer an endangered species, they are still a protected species. Harassing, disturbing or injuring a bald eagle is a federal offense and carries a penalty of up to $20,000 and/or one year in jail.

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