Memories of Lake George

Variety is the Spice of Life!

I can’t believe it is the first of May already!  Where has the time gone for 2015 already?  The warmer weather has definitely put a spring in my step (and yes, pun was intended), and I am happily anticipating my trip to Lake George at the end of the summer season!

This year my mother and I decided to modify our plans a bit.  Usually we book our stay during the last week of August and stay through the Labor Day Holiday.  When we left last year, there was an event taking place two days later that involved classic cars (and lots of them!).  We had the privilege of viewing these cars firsthand, as some of the participants were staying at the Admiral Motel (addressed in my previous blog entry).  It was so much fun walking into the village and hearing the roar of engines and taking in the bold colors of these classics!  Since the car show takes place the weekend after Labor Day, we decided to take advantage of the holiday’s later date and stay through the following weekend.  September is a beautiful month to travel to Lake George.  As I stated to my mother, why not change our plans a bit and include this major event?  I always love to participate in new activities, and this seemed to be the perfect time to add something new and exciting!!

Have a blessed week and try something new!!