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Lake George Gets Nationally - And Globally! - Recognized

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Below, we've highlighted a series of accolades Lake George has received over the years from a range of reputable sources. Check out which areas of prominence Lake George has been recognized for.

The pristine lake. The bustling village. The ample outdoor recreational opportunities. The vibrant craft beverage scene. If you've been to Lake George, whether you live here or you're a visitor, you know how wonderful this nook of the Southern Adirondack region is. However, it's always nice to get official recognition!

2023 Accolades

Lake George Has Been Named One of the Most Beautiful Lakes In The United States

lake george

Lake George, known as the "Queen of American Lakes," has once again received recognition from Travel + Leisure as one of the most beautiful lakes in the U.S. Among thousands of lakes spanning across the country, Lake George is truly worthy of being one of only 11 lakes to earn a spot on Travel + Leisure’s list this year.

Lake George Recognized as One of New York's Best Small Towns

village of lake george sign

Country Living recently awarded Lake George a spot on their list of "The Best Small Towns in New York for an Idyllic Getaway," and we weren't the least bit surprised!

Lake George's Beautiful Waters Recognized as the 8th Bluest in the U.S.

blue water in front of mountains

Discover the beauty of Lake George, New York—a top vacation destination with pristine and crystal-clear blue waters that earned the eighth spot in SIXT's list of bluest water bodies in the US. 

Million Dollar Beach Named One of the Top 15 Lake Beaches in the US…Again!

million dollar beach with people on it

Lake George’s favorite beach was listed as one of the best lake beaches in the US by for the second year in a row!

Past Accolades

Thrillist Names Lake George as One of the Best Lake Towns in the US

lake george from the water

Thrillist named Lake George as one of the best lake towns in the US!

Posted: May 2022

Million Dollar Beach Named One of the 15 Best Lakefront Beaches in America

view from million dollar beach

You don't have to visit the ocean to have some fun in the sun; there's an award-winning beach right in Lake George. Fodor's Travel named Million Dollar Beach a top beach in the U.S.

Posted: May 2022

Lake George Named One of the Top 20 Most Charming Towns in New York State

A crowd of people and colorful beach umbrellas at million dollar beach in lake george, ny on a warm, sunny day

Lake George is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Adirondacks–with good reason! MSN placed this local hotspot on their list of New York's most charming towns.

Posted: April 2022

Lake George Named a Top Small Lake Town in the US by Far & Wide

Minne Haha dock

Far & Wide rounded up 45 of the top small lake towns in the US in September of 2021.

Posted: September 2021

Outside Magazine Recognizes Lake George as a Water Lover's Bucket List Destination

steamboat on lake

Outside Magazine did a roundup of a Water Lover's Bucket List and Lake George made the cut as having one of the best waters in the world to play in.

Posted: June 2021

Lake George Declared a Swimmer's Paradise by Fodor's Travel

view of people swimming and on beach from the water

Fodor's Travel came up with a list of top 10 Swimmer's Paradises in the US (That Aren't Oceans) in May of 2021 and Lake George came in at number nine. Our favorite lake was touted for its numerous beaches and variety of bays to explore.  

Posted: June 2021

Lake George Recognized as One of Top Dozen Most Beautiful Lakes in the US

the Narrows in Lake George
Photo credit: Bill Smith

The reputable Travel + Leisure named Lake George as one of the most beautiful lakes in the US. They only had 12 on their list out of thousands of possibilities, and they picked Lake George for the gorgeous Narrows and the rich history.

Posted: September 2020

Lake George Declared to Have to the Best RV Park in NYS

aerial view of pool shaped kind of like a clover

RV camping, one of many ways to enjoy outdoor recreation in the Lake George region, is becoming more popular everywhere. So, in July of 2020 MSN nailed down the best RV parks in each state and Lake George RV Park took the title for New York State, partially because of their on-site pools and mini water park.

Posted: July 2020

Lake George Showcased as One of 5 Perfect Socially Distant Summer Weekend Getaways From NYC

view from mountain summit

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic Vogue came up with Five Perfect (and Socially Distant) Summer Weekend Getaways From NYC in June of 2020. They mentioned The Sagamore Resort as one a fantastic place to say with many on-site activities and a fascinating history, and hiking in the Adirondacks as a must. Lake George is about three and a half hours from the city.

Posted: July 2020

Lake George is Named One of the Top 14 Picturesque Lakes in the US

view of Lake George

"Picturesque" - For when "great" just isn't great enough! In April 2020 Red Book Magazine turned the spotlight on the 14 most picturesque lakes in the country and Lake George of course made the cut. They highlighted the Narrows with its small, rocky islands as part of the charm.

Posted: July 2020

Lake George Recognized as a Top City for Dog Owners

a play area for big dogs in a dog park

In March of 2019 TechnoBark named Lake George one of the top 10 Best North American Cities for Dog Owners. We know, Lake George technically isn't a city, but the dog-friendly atmosphere was too great not to include us in the roundup! They researched over 300 cities and Lake George came in eighth.

Posted: March 2019

Lake George Named One of 18 Best Lake Towns in North America

people by the lake at dusk

TripAdvisor declared Lake George to be one of the best 18 lake towns in North America in February of 2019 - we were competing with Canadian destination spots as well as those in the US!

The travel site sought out lake towns that were not just relaxing, as one imagines such a place to be, but that had fun activities on and off the lake. They cited steamboat cruises, the award-winning wines at Adirondack Winery, and prime hiking at Shelving Rock Falls as a few of the reasons why Lake George is so special.

Posted: February 2019

The Only Ronald McDonald Vacation Home in the World is in Lake George

a cottage

There are more than 365 Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the US and in other countries. And guess what? In 2019 Lake George received the first and only Ronald McDonald vacation home. They opened up to the first family in 2021.

The Ronald McDonald House in Albany serves families whose children are patients at Albany Medical Center. With this new vacation home, they'll be able to get out of the hospital setting to enjoy some relaxation and quality time together by beautiful Lake George.

Posted: January 2019

Lake George Ranked as New York's Best Town for a Weekend Getaway

Lake George is wonderful for a full vacation. But what about a weekend getaway? It's excellent for that, too! In October of 2018 USA Today chose one town from each state to highlight as the ideal location for the perfect weekend trip, and Lake George got chosen for New York State.

The news site called Lake George the "quintessential vacation area," and named some regional attractions to check out, including the steamboat cruises, the Great Escape, and more.

Posted: December 2018

Lake George Named a Top 10 Destination for Travelers

a view finder by a lake

In March of 2018 Lake George was determined to be one of the top 10 places to travel in the US by MONEY'S Best in Travel, which is a subsidiary of TIME. They looked at factors such as affordability for lodging and fun activities to determine who made the cut.

Posted: March 2018

Lake George Declared One of North America's 15 Clearest Bodies of Water

a clear lake

Part of the appeal of the lake is how you can often look down from a dock or boat and see straight through to the bottom. This is why Lake George was named one of the top 15 clearest bodies of water in North America by Country Living in May of 2017. Remember, that's clearest bodies of water, as in, not just lakes were on the list. That's a pretty impressive accolade!

Posted: July 2017

Lake George Cited as One of Top 10 Clearest Lakes in the US

a lake
Photo credit: Luke Dow Photography

Here's another nod to the clean, clear lake - in September of 2016 the Blog for Lifestyle and Travel on declared Lake George to be one of the top 10 clearest lakes in the US. In addition to the nearly transparent waters, they mentioned the many water-based activities to enjoy on the lake, along with several on-site attractions and amenities at Lake George RV Park.

Posted: September 2016

The Town's First History-Related Grant Awarded to Lake George

a battle reenactment

Fort George and Battlefield Park received the first history-related grant the Town of Lake George has ever seen in August of 2016 to spark an archaeological study of the historic area.

The National Park Service's American Battlefield Protection Program allocated the $50,000 grant. Lake George's Battlefield Park was a prime site during the French and Indian War as well as the American Revolution.

Posted: August 2016

Lake George Found to be One of the Most Beautiful Lakes in America

three people looking out at lake

The reputable Conde Nast Traveler found Lake George to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the US in November of 2015, calling it "the epitome of a jet-set summer scape." They cited the hot air balloon rides, drive-in movie theaters, camping, vineyard tours, and art museums as some of the attractions you can enjoy in the area.

Posted: November 2015

Lake George Named One of the Six Most Beautiful Lakes in the US

a beach by the lake

Lake George gets another nod for its beauty from in June of 2015, when it was declared one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Rafting, parasailing, and kayaking were named as popular on-the-water activities, with golf, horseback riding, and hiking cited as further opportunities for area fun. focused on lakes for this piece because many think of oceanfront destinations when it comes to summer traveling. But, lake beaches and lakeside retreats tend to be calmer and cheaper while still providing same great temperatures and fun activities as the larger vacation spots.

Posted: June 2015

Lake George Named One of the World's Most Beautiful Lakes

view of lake and mountains from a deck

One of the most beautiful lakes in the US? In North America? How about on the whole planet? In June of 2012 Bing named Lake George one of the most beautiful lakes in the world because of the crystal clear water and mountain scenery, and The Sagamore Resort got a shout out for its old world charm channeling the Lake George of the late 19th century.

Posted: June 2012

Lake George Dubbed One of North America's Top Destinations

a boat by the lake

In May of 2009 the New York Post ranked Lake George number two on its list of North America's top 100 summer destinations - wow! Lake cruises, boating, kayaking, and hiking were listed as "must-do" activities in the area, and they also mentioned Americade as one of the fun festival attractions.

Two Lake George Mini Golf Courses Declared Among the Craziest Worldwide

a mini golf course

By now you've undoubtedly become convinced of Lake George's beauty and overall appeal. But did you know it's considered the mini-golf capital of New York? In fact, two of the area's mini-golf courses were named among the top 10 craziest mini-golf courses on Earth by Lumberjack Pass and Around the World.

Lumberjack Pass is known for giving guests an experience similar to what you'd find at a full-scale golf course, while Around the World includes actual souvenirs and items from across the planet.

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