Memories of Lake George

A Village and Lake of Opportunities (and more…)

As I write this post, I am amazed we are entering the third month of 2015 already!  March signifies one month closer to when I can book my vacation in Lake George.  The Admiral Motel, where my family members and I primarily stay in the summer, begins accepting reservations on April 1st.  With Labor Day falling on September 7th this year, and due to the schedule of friends who will accompany us, the majority of my stay will take place the first week of September.  It is a wonderful time of year to be in the Adirondacks.

I have often been questioned why I go to the same place year after year.  I have traveled to other states in the United States and have even flown overseas, but this blog arose from a love of a beautiful lake and a lively village.  As unbelievable as this sounds, with all of the years I have spent here, there are still many areas, attractions, and restaurants that are waiting for me to explore and enjoy. So when others ask why I keep going back, I simply reply that there is still so much out there for me to do and see (and to report back on this blog!).

A friend of mine recently inquired about what is available in the Lake George area for young children.  I informed her of multiple choices, and she admitted to me that she had no idea how much was there.  Even my two friends who came with me and my mother this past summer had initial doubts about how much there would be to do because it is a lake.  Now, these same two individuals can’t get enough of the area!  There are numerous opportunities for people of all ages, and as I have mentioned on previous posts, the surrounding towns offer many adventures.  For example, some family members and I decided to check out the Saratoga area one year.  We were able to get close to the track and browse some gift shops, but a major thunderstorm cut the day shorter than we originally planned.  We did not get the opportunity to try out a restaurant in Saratoga; there is a casino that we would love to spend some time at.  My point is that there will always be something new to try along with our favorites and traditions.

As the tourism season rapidly approaches, I will be focusing more on specific activities so they can become part of your own vacations and itineraries.  Enjoy this first week of March!