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The magnificent Sagamore on Lake George has been extending hospitality to visitors to Bolton Landing for over one hundred years. The Historic Hotel and the elegant Adirondack Lodges are exquisitely decorated and well appointed.

Poised on the southern end of Green Island, The Sagamore commands a stunning view of Lake George and the islands that grace its waters. The Resort offers luxury accommodations, sports and fitness facilities, and a host of opportunities to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Adirondacks:

  • Experience Lake George with Sailing, Parasailing, Fishing, Swimming, Kayak lessons and cruises
  • Golfing on the famed Donald Ross hillside course with an amazing view overlooking Lake George
  • State-of-the-art fitness center with extensive equipment, indoor pool, jacuzzi and lounge
  • Spa with eclectic array of services: massage therapy, body treatments, wellness for the skin, full salon services
  • Brand new 10,000 square foot outdoor pool area overlooking Lake George, complete with warming pool and chaise lounge chairs

Luxury accommodations at the Sagamore include the elegant and historic hotel, or the well-appointed Adirondack-style rustic Lodges. All accommodations include high-speed wireless internet, dataports, and HD flat screen televisions. All accommodations at The Sagamore are smoke-free.

Dining at our resort is an extraordinary culinary delight. Unique and superb locations include a variety of options from a casual pub atmosphere to the most elegant of settings at La Bella Vita. Selections vary according to seasonal availability.

Special events are unforgettable at The Sagamore. Plan an exquisite private island wedding in a setting that will create a lifetime of memories. The most special days of your life: a long-awaited family reunion, an important anniversary, birthday or private party are treated with exceptional care and impeccable service.

For your business meetings and corporate events, you'll find everything from intimate private executive suites to facilities designed to accommodate up to 1000 conference attendees. As always, our professional wedding and event planners, conference services managers and support staff are available and eager to assist you with taking care of all the details.

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The Sagamore Resort 110 Sagamore Road  Bolton LandingNY  12814
The Sagamore Resort 110 Sagamore Road  Bolton LandingNY  12814

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3 reviews from our community

I have read the other 2 comments posted here and it leaves me scratching my head. From the moment we arrived until the moment we drove out...all I can say is everything was just as promised. The service was great. The staff couldn't be more helpful. We booked a Govenors room with a premium Lake View 3 days prior to arrival. We enjoyed an early check in and a late checkout. And the resort was full. First time to the Lake George Area in many years. Very upscale and the other guests we met were exceptional. It was a joy to stay here and will do so again with the same type of room. It was a bit pricey but after you experience the Sagamore you leave feeling fulfilled. GREAT JOB...... WELL DONE

We booked a water view room!
Was not water view
Looked at trees, fence and walkway
Rm 134

I booked a romantic weekend for the long weekend of Jan 14-15-16 2017 and was told that weekend there was an ice bar at the hotel, I also booked a dinner reservation with the dinner package, unfortunately looking on the website at a later date I came to notice that was not the case . The ice bar was the following two weekends. So I called reservations back APPROXIMATELY 2 WEEKS LATER and explained that I wanted to book for the weekend the ice bar. As it was a Christmas gift for my partner and reservations at the time told me it was that weekend I booked, but they must have been mistaken. So at that point I called and moved the reservations to the last weekend of Jan . Asking if that indeed was the weekend of the ice bar and having it confirmed. When booking this and talking to the gentelman changing this booking for me he assured me that the ice bar would be that weekend and I could just switch the weekends and the reservations would be the same Sat Sun check out Mon but I would have to change the room as they did not have a king size bed it would be 2 doubles, unfortunately that a king bed and that room was not available. I agreed and thanked him. He booked the reservation for Jan 28-29-check out the 30th with the dinner package and assured me I would be happy with the accomidations and the hotel as I had never stayed there before. Approximately one week before the trip on 1/23/17 I called to make sure the reservations for dinner was the times arranged from the previous weekend that we planned to stay, only to be told that they had none for Sun as they were closed. Confused I asked for and explanation. She said they were not open that weekend on Sun and the reservations were for Fri Sat check out Sun. I told her that was not acceptable as we had already arranged for the time off from work and could not go on Fri. She said she was sorry and would have management call me back that day! Unfortunately ,no call for 48 hours, I then called them back Wed 1/25/17 to see what was going on. I got management on the line and the customer service representative listened as I explained that I needed to cancel this reservation as it was not what I asked for and could not be there the dates that the hotel arranged FOR US!!!!!! She put me on hold and got management. I then explained again and also explained that being an RN at a hospital time had to be arranged and my partner being with the RR it was impossible to change this last minute to come on Fr. She understood and said accounting was not in at that time but my money would be refunded under the circumstance since the reservation was not the days that I booked. I also told her that since it was the hotels fault that this reservation was not made correctly and I need to make another reservation last minute because of the circumstances of time, and it was a gift. I also told her that I needed that money aloted for the vacation to be put back in my account for another booking. I did not want to loose the time that was already taken and was looking forward to a long weekend. Knowing also, all the time that it was a gift for Christmas for my partner. Once again no refund, no call! I then contacted my bank and explained what happened and asked to dispute the charges on my credit card. The bank reprensentative called the resort with me on the other line to give them a chance to refund before the dispute was put in place because there was a PROMISE OF A REFUND on 1/25/17. The bank representative and I called on a 3 way call and was told accounting was not in and they would call back. At that time I refused this solution and explained that a call back was promised and ignored several times in the past. Once again holding on the phone to repeat this story again to another manager. I explained again the situation and why I could not accommodate this hotel with OUR reservation?????? I also explained that since this was time that was promised by reservations that could not be given us I expected a refund. I was unaware that this was not booked that way and was NOT TOLD that they were not open on Sun night for weekend for services. Then management suggested that it was in my e-mail, why would I know to check that when I was assured by the booking agent everything was set. Now because of the neglance of the hotel booking agent and the uninformed staff, I have a reservation I cant use!!!! Knowing this,now at this time is making me have to scramble and book another resort for that weekend which is bad enough, but then having to tell my partner that his gift was now not going to happen was not an alternative for me.Wow this seemingly relaxing romantic weekend has turned into a nightmare thanks to this staff. I was thinking how could staff and management of this hotel be so incompentent and unwilling to be understanding of what they had caused and now how much stress and embarassment they just caused me. Not only did they add insult to injury, they decided to refuse to refund my money for services not provided. WOW !!!! The staff is incompentent and the dealing with them has been a complete nightmare. PS not until the last second did thay offer me to stay another weekend. HUH after this treatment and the rude nasty staff I'm going to stay at your hotel LOL I would NEVER!!!! stay there or send friendsthere or book this hotel ever again. Everyone know Customer service, and an informed staff and patrons comort is a staple in this industry Well this is no-existant with this hotel. Please do not book the Sagamore, most staff is uninformed, rude, incompetent, and unwilling to bend with any circumstances even when its their fault! This staff does not have anything in mind but booking and collecting the money for NO SERVICE. At the end you are left with no customer service, rude uncooperative staff, management that is unacceptable, and an empty bank account. This is especially bad in any industry but an industry that is all about client services and comfort??????. Please save yourself many headaches and don't book with the Sagamore . There are many more hotels bed and breakfasts in the Lake George area that are beautiful surroundings that have great staff that are informative, and are by far more willing to make your stay a more pleasurable and enjoyable one than the staff at the Sagamore.. DONT BOOK WITH THEM UNLESS you want a trip to aggravation, rudeness, incomptence, and unpleasentness. LINDA CORLETTA

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