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The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Lake George NY: Best Viewing Spots, Places to Stay & More

Interested in learning about the 2024 total solar eclipse in the Lake George area? Lake George, NY is in close proximity to the path of totality, so we will experience a partial solar eclipse!

Find out what that means, where you can go to view the solar eclipse, and what kind of fun activities will be going on.

total solar eclipse

What Is the Total Solar Eclipse & When Is It Happening?

A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, thereby casting a shadow on the Earth that either fully blocks (total solar eclipse) or partially blocks the Sun's light in some areas.

kids with eclipse glasses

The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, and it's also 400 times farther away, so if the Sun was larger, or if the Moon was farther away, this incredible occurrence would not happen!

total solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse will take place on Monday, April 8, 2024. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible in New York State was in 1925. The next solar eclipse where totality will cover part of New York State is May 1, 2079.

Where Is the Path of Totality & What Does That Mean?

total solar eclipse path of totality for the US
Source: NASA/Scientific Visualization Studio/Michala Garrison; eclipse calculations by Ernie Wright, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  

Over half of the Adirondack Park will be in the path of totality for this total solar eclipse. The path of totality is the area where the total solar eclipse will be completely visible.

Communities within driving distance of Lake George that are in the path of totality include Lake Placid, Tupper Lake, Potsdam, Malone, Plattsburgh, Indian Lake, Keene, Old Forge, Newcomb, Port Henry, and Schroon Lake.

waterfall in ticonderoga

Southern Adirondack communities like Lake George and Ticonderoga are just outside the path of totality, and will be able to see a near-total solar eclipse (partial solar eclipse).

Lake George specifically will witness a partial solar eclipse with a magnitude of 98.8% to 98.9% - in other words, very close to a total solar eclipse!

When & Where Are the Best Places in Lake George to View the Solar Eclipse?

solar eclipse and moon phases

For Lake George, the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 should begin at 2:12pm, and end at 4:38pm, with the mid-eclipse (when the maximum amount of the Sun's disk is covered) happening at 3:26pm. These times are approximate.

Open spaces and parks without obstruction from the sky are best for viewing the partial solar eclipse that will be visible from Lake George, such as:

Charles R. Wood Park

a public park and walkway

Crandall Park (in Glens Falls)

monument in crandall park in glens falls

Lake George Battlefield State Park

sign for lake george battlefield state park

Shepard Park

Solar Eclipse Viewing Tips

Adhere to these suggestions for the best experience:

  • Avoid being near buildings where outside lights come on automatically when it gets dark
  • Avoid mountain summits and newly thawed lakes (not safe for eclipse viewing)
  • If hiking, stick to low-elevation trails
  • Purchase and wear certified solar eclipse viewing glasses, even for a partial solar eclipse
people viewing the eclipse from the wild center in tupper lake

What Events Will Be Going On During the Solar Eclipse?

Numerous solar eclipse events and viewing parties will take place in the Adirondacks. Lake George will likely have events as well, and we will add them to this page as they get announced.

Make sure to check in with individual event organizers, as details may change as we get closer to April 8. Some places may also have weekend events happening the Saturday and Sunday before.

lake george village in april

What Are Some Things to Do While I'm in Lake George?

While you're in the Lake George region, you may want to:

lake george land conservancy trail marker

A note on hiking: April is mud season in the Lake George region. Consider hiking on low elevation trails only, while wearing appropriate footwear and layers, as springtime weather can be unpredictable.

Where Are the Best Places to Stay in Lake George for the Solar Eclipse?

Here are a few family-friendly places to stay for the solar eclipse in Lake George:

Fort William Henry Hotel

fort william henry hotel in lake george with room

This hotel is in the heart of Lake George Village and has several accommodation options.

Best Western Lake George

exterior of a brown hotel

Best Western Lake George is situated just south of the Village and has comfortable rooms, some with suites that include fireplaces and kitchenettes.

Holiday Inn Resort Lake George

holiday inn kids suite and outside area with fire pit

The Holiday Inn Resort has kids suites, so kids can sleep in their own bunk bed areas.

The Lodges at Cresthaven

aerial view of a lodging property with townhouses

The Lodges at Cresthaven have Adirondack-style townhouses, so you have room to spread out with the entire family.

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