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Lake George Colonial Wars Walking Tour Stop 2: Artillery Cove

In August 1757 Marquis de Montcalm, a brilliant French general, landed cannons and mortars for an assault upon Fort William Henry at Artillery Cover; this how the cove got its name. Montcalm took a force of several thousand French regulars, French Canadians, and Native Americans from the Champlain Valley to attack the British and provincial stronghold at Fort William Henry.

chairs on a beachView of cove from Marine Village Resort's beach

Montcalm's armada included 31 "pontoons" carrying artillery, 250 bateaux (25 to 35 feet long flat-bottomed warships), and about 150 canoes.

Marine Village Resort is nestled around Artillery Cove. Part of the motel sits on a filled area which once was part of Artillery Cove (please don't enter the resort grounds unless you are a guest - it's private property).

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