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A Stand Up Paddling Experience

We got a chance to try SUP earlier this week, and it was awesome!

by Faith Mannix & Scott Stevens

Lake George Kayak Co. is "in, on, over, and around" water. More than just kayaks, the Bolton based company is open 7 days a week throughout the summer, and is always ready to demo a new board. As owner Ike Wolgin explains, "Don't buy what you can't try." Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and more all feel different on water than they do on the hard floors of the main shop in downtown Bolton.

The latest thing to sweep through the company is Stand Up Paddling. SUP started in California and Hawaii as alternative to surfing. Now it's catching on and spreading inland, which is why sent two writers to check out what SUP was all about. Read about their afternoon on the Lake below:

If SUP isn't for you, there are tons of things to do in Lake George, on and off the water!