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Find Day Use Picnic Islands on Lake George

Before you head out on the water for a day of boating, plan ahead and receive a day pass to one of the Lake George picnic islands. They're available on a first-come, first-serve basis by visiting the appropriate ranger station.

view of sunset over waterSunset over the north side of Speaker Heck Picnic Island

Some of the islands have been set up with secured areas for children to safely swim, and some have picnic shelters. Browse the picnic islands below and see what the different islands have to offer.

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Lake George Day Use Islands:

Sunset over North side of Speaker Heck Picnic Island
Speaker Heck Island
Speaker Heck Island is located very close to Long Island and is a designated day use island. There are multiple docks along the island's shoreline, and it features three picnic pavilions that are available for reservation.
flat picnic area with a picnic table
Black Mountain Point
About 2 miles north of Glen Island on the east side, you'll find a great picnic spot at the day use area known as Black Mountain Point.
the shoreline of an island on a lake
Sarah Island & Hazel Island
Bolton Landing, NY
Located off the Black Mountain Shore in the Glen Island Group, Sarah Island and Hazel Island are two day use islands that are small and adjacent to one another, located right next to Paradise Bay.
a tent on a campsite island near the water
Diamond Island
Diamond Island is a small picnic island on Lake George near Long Island. It is the southern most island and closest to the village with four picnic areas featuring charcoal grills, fireplaces, and tables.
boats near a shore and a sign
Picnic Island
As its name suggests, Picnic Island is one of Lake George's day use islands. It is located in the northern Narrow Island Group and features a few picnic sites and one picnic pavilion that is available for reservations.
View of O'Dell island from the water
O'Dell Day Use Island
O'Dell Island is a day use island located in the Narrow Island Group just north of Sabbath Day Point. It has two sites that are ideal for a picnic; they are complete with a grill, fireplace, and picnic table.
people jumping from cliff into water
West Dollar Island
West Dollar Island is a day use island in the Glen Island Group on Lake George with docking and picnic areas. It is well-known as a cliff jumping spot by area boaters and by East Dollar Island campers.

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