All Seasons Wild

Prime time on the Queen!

We are finally experiencing some phenomenal weather out on the lake and the fishing has been phenomenal as well. Many anglers are reporting good catches of lake trout, bass and even a few salmon. This time of year is usually some of the best fishing of the year and the hot weather can be used to our advantage as many species will slide deeper in search of cooler water temperatures. This will concentrate previously scattered fish into certain areas of the water column which enables us to put more baits in front of more fish.

Customers aboard the Justy-Joe have experienced some great action recently with some jumbo Landlocked Salmon being caught on Dad’s boat up in the north basin. Many Lakers have been caught on bottom and suspended around schools of bait slightly higher in the water column. Trolling speed is crucial and every day is a different day when it comes to speed, color and lure type. Boat traffic adds another element of challenge as well and a busy lake usually means constantly monitoring trolling speeds and making adjustments to keep presentations just right.

Ed with a dandy 8 pound salmon he caught on Dad’s boat last week.
Andy landed this 26 inch Landlocked ten minutes into the trip! This fish charged the boat and basically swam right into the net!        

In our opinion, we are enjoying a peak period in time for numbers of lake trout in Lake George. Hopefully through good management and appreciation of the resource this will continue for many years to come. We keep very few fish and take pride in practicing catch and release when it comes to Lake Trout.  These fish are very slow growers and releasing the larger fish will ensure a quality resource for future anglers.