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Swimmer Plans Solo Marathon Swim of Lake George

On August 7th, marathon swimmer Bridget Simpson will dive off the public docks in Lake George Village and won’t touch land again until she reaches Diane’s Rock in Ticonderoga approximately 24 hours later. Sounds like madness, right? Learn more about the ambitious Simpson and how she plans to tackle this challenge!

Photo provided by Bridget Simpson

Simpson, a resident of Ticonderoga, has been open water swimming since 1999. Some of her more memorable swims have included 1.5 miles in New York Harbor in full view of the Statue of Liberty (pictured above) and 8 miles in Lake Champlain from Willsboro to Burlington. Simpson has been training for her “32 miles in one swim” endeavor for about a year now, and has the full support of the community!

Details Of The Swim

Diane Struble was the first person to swim the full 32-mile length of Lake George in 1958, and Simpson plans to complete her journey at Diane’s starting point. Simpson aims to depart Lake George Village on the evening of August 7th, in honor of her grandfather’s birthday, and arrive at Diane’s Rock in Ticonderoga an estimated 24 hours later.

She has chosen to swim north, the opposite direction of Struble’s swim, and hopes the wind will be at her back.

In case of inclement weather, Bridget and her team are prepared to shift the swim by one day.

Swimming For A Cause

Simpson is swimming for a cause, but she doesn’t want your money. She is calling this a “do-it-yourself fundraiser” and told  The Sun“I would like to invite anyone interested in my effort to continue supporting any cause of personal significance. Don’t send me anything.” Have a cause you’re passionate about? Make a donation to support it!

Want To Join Bridget’s Crew?

Simpson is looking for a few more kayakers to accompany her up the lake, keep her on the right track, and pass her food and drink. You could think of this mission as your own bucket list item!

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