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New Lake George Boating Safety Measures & Awareness Campaign

In 2016, the Lake George community experienced several boating accidents involving rental boats in addition to the tragic crash that killed an 8-year-old girl. In response, state Senator Betty Little and the Lake George community developed new safety measures for boaters.

A new six-minute video (below) called “Boating Safely on Lake George” is recommended viewing for any boater getting ready to launch on Lake George. The video addresses topics like safe navigation and the dangers of drinking while boating.

Lake George has rules and regulations that other lakes may not have, such as speed limits and navigational rules. The Lake George Association worked with the Commission to produce laminated information cards that will be in every rental boat on Lake George. There will also be new standard safety checklists for marinas and stickers in boats that display the navigation rules. Additionally, all marinas will be holding on-site training sessions with experienced dock hands.

Learn more about the rules and regulations for boating on Lake George >>


WAMC: “New Safety Campaign Announced For Lake George Boaters”