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Controversial Log Bay Day is Officially Over

Officials and residents have fought to put an end to Log Bay Day after a young girl was killed in a boating accident last summer. This week, following the conviction of the driver of the boat in that tragic accident, law enforcement has declared the party over.

Log Bay, photo credit: Alan Nudi

Log Bay Day has been happening since 1997. The problem with ending the party was that it’s always been an informal gathering, making it difficult to regulate.

Last year, county supervisors in Warren and Washington counties called for a stop to the advertising and promoting of the giant party and asked the Lake George Park Commission for help. The Park Commission was reportedly taking steps to end the party, although they were secretive on what those steps actually were.

Plans are in place to prevent the party from happening again, David Wick, Executive Director of the Lake George Park Commission, told WNYT News Channel 13. But they still have to keep mum on the details – they don’t want to give any clues to potential partiers.

“I’m absolutely confident that those strategies will work to end it and we won’t be having another Log Bay Day on Lake George,” Wick said.

What do you think about the decision to end Log Bay Day? Do you think it will be successful, or that locals will find a way to party anyway?

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