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The Lake George 12ster Challenges Hikers To Summit 12 Of The Region’s Peaks

Would you love to go on an unforgettable hiking adventure in the Lake George Region? Take on the Lake George 12ster! Similar to the Adirondack 46er, the new Lake George 12ster challenges hikers to summit 12 of Lake George’s hidden gem peaks. After the hiking challenge is completed, hikers are eligible to become an official Lake George 12ster.

Hiker and endurance trail runner Matthew Haley created the Lake George 12ster in the summer of 2016. His goal was to introduce fellow hikers to some of the best peaks the Lake George Region has to offer.

If the Adirondack 46er (hiking all 46 High Peaks) is one of the more difficult hiking challenges, then the Lake George 12ster is a moderate challenge. It’s not as simple as the 6-trail Chester Challenge, but you shouldn’t take it lightly.

To complete the Lake George 12ster, hikers must climb 12 specific peaks in the Lake George Region. They can be hiked in any order, and unless you’re taking on a variation of the challenge, there is no time limit. The 12 peaks include:

  1. Black Mountain
  2. Buck Mountain
  3. Cat Mountain
  4. Thomas Mountain
  5. Erebus Mountain
  6. Sleeping Beauty Mountain
  7. Brown Mountain (Tongue Range)
  8. Huckleberry Mountain (Tongue Range)
  9. Five Mile Mountain (Tongue Range)
  10. Fifth Peak (Tongue Range)
  11. French Point Mountain (Tongue Range)
  12. First Peak (Tongue Range)

The Lake George 12ster brings hikers to peaks located on both sides of Lake George. The overall trip will include 40 miles of hiking and 9,000 feet of elevation gain.

For more experienced hikers, there are three variations of the Lake George 12ster:

  1. Ultra 12ster Challenge: Hike all 12 peaks within 24 hours
  2. Winter 12ster Challenge: Hike all 12 peaks from December 21st-March 21st
  3. Winter Ultra 12ster Challenge: Hike all 12 peaks within 24 hours from December 21st-March 21st

After you complete the hiking challenge, you must submit a registration form and pay a small fee to be recognized as a Lake George 12ster. Each registration includes a certificate of completion, a 12ster number, and a patch.

Are you up to the challenge?

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