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Try These 6 Great Winter Beers Found In & Around The Lake George Area

If summer beers are meant to be light and refreshing, then winter beers should be full-bodied, strong, and in most cases, dark. Instead of picking up another pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager from the supermarket, check out these 6 locally made and great winter beers found in and around the Lake George area!

Note: If you’re planning to visit one of the places, call ahead to see if the beer is still available for the season.

Black Watch IPA

Lake George’s own Adirondack Pub & Brewery offers a wide selection of year-round, seasonal, and other types of beers. During the winter season, typically January – March, the brewery sells Black Watch IPA on tap and in 12oz bottles!

This Black IPA (6.8% ABV) is black in color and made with roasted malts. The hops used to make this winter beer include Chinook, Glacier, and Columbus, which gives it a strong aroma and subtle toasty flavor.

Winter Ale

Crafted by Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery in Glens Falls, Winter Ale (5.9% ABV) is one of the company’s newest dark ales.

The ale is best described as possessing a bittersweet cocoa flavor with a distinct malt character. It is usually available during winter on tap and in bottles.

Coffee Milk Stout

Over in Schroon Lake, Paradox Brewery offers a smooth, thick, and strong Coffee Milk Stout (5% ABV). Enjoy the taste of fresh roasted coffee combined with the sweetness of lactose.

This stout is typically available at Paradox Brewery from February – April.

TOUK Winter Ale

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Big Tupper Brewing, located in Tupper Lake, offers a TOUK Winter Ale (6% ABV), which is both Adirondack tested and lumberjack approved! The dark ale contains notes of chocolate, and it is a good companion for warm stews and soups.

TOUK is available at Big Tupper Brewing in fall and winter. Wear your touk, and then go and try a TOUK!

Nippletop Milk Stout

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery offers a unique take on a winter beer. Their Nippletop Milk Stout (4.9% ABV), originally named Fresh Powder Milk Stout, is a special milk stout brewed with lactose.

Lactose is an unfermentable milk sugar, and it gives Nippletop Milk Stout a sweet flavor. This is a thick and creamy beer that is less bitter and more full-bodied.

Raquette River Winter Lager

Also located in Tupper Lake, Raquette River Brewing offers on tap its own Raquette River Winter Lager (5.8% ABV), which is their popular winter beer.

Which winter beers do you enjoy in the Lake George area? Let us know!