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An Inside Look at the Exciting New Courtyard Marriott in Lake George

Have you been following the construction of the new Courtyard Marriott on Canada Street in Lake George? This new hotel, set to open on Monday, August 29, is a truly special addition to Lake George. It’s unlike any of the other lodging options – and indeed, unlike any other Marriott as well.

We recently had a firsthand look at the hotel before the grand opening, and we’ve got all the details on what to expect from this gorgeous new property in Lake George.

The Courtyard Marriott is six stories with 119 rooms, a rooftop terrace, a bistro, two boardrooms, and two ballrooms; the ballrooms are set to open in 2017. They also expect to have a full service restaurant in the future, and are looking into retail space.

When you approach the hotel, you can see right away that while it is a Marriott, it’s absolutely custom-fit to Lake George. You immediately get a sense of the Adirondacks with the wood fixtures, logs, and stones.

“The rooms will look similar [to other Marriotts], but the whole experience right from when you arrive will be enhanced,” said General Manager Taylor Hall.

For example, as you walk into the hotel to check in, you’ll be able to see right away the merging of Lake George with modern Marriott decor. The sitting area of the lobby, like the outside of the hotel, has a touch of the Adirondacks with tree stumps as coffee tables or side tables.

Construction for the hotel began in January. According to Hall, all that’s left at this point is “light punch work” – the rooms are completed, with finishing touches being wrapped up on the lobby, rooftop terrace, and other key areas.

The new hotel is a three-way collaboration between the Kenny family, Urgo Hotels & Resorts, and the Courtyard Marriott: the Kenny family owns the building, Urgo Hotels is the management company in charge of operations, and the Marriott is the brand they represent. Dave Kenny, his sister Kathleen Dittrich, and her husband Frank Dittrich are the family behind this project.

The Kennys own several other properties in the Lake George area, and have strong connections to the village and its many businesses – they own the Inn at Erlowest, Tea Island Resort, Marine Village Resort, Park Lane Motel, and Lanes & Games, among others.

A Walk-Through of the Courtyard Marriott in Lake George

The lobby is a welcoming space that artfully combines modern elements with touches of the Adirondacks.

Lobby, photo provided

Also in the lobby, there is a Marriott “Go Board” which is an interactive feature allowing guests to check out transportation, local favorites, etc.

Right around the corner from the lobby is a bistro which is also a standard in Marriotts, but this one is larger and more customized.

The bistro

When you’re ready to go to your room, you’re guaranteed an amazing view no matter which room or what floor you’re on – the even numbered rooms have lakefront views, while the odd numbers have Prospect Mountain in sight.

Two of the 119 rooms are two-bedroom suites. The majority of the beds are king and king, or king and queen. Some rooms have a balcony, but those that don’t are more likely to have an additional living space.

Hotel room at the Courtyard Marriott

Even if guests don’t have a balcony, there’s plenty of room to enjoy sitting outside with a space on the second floor, or they can go right up to the rooftop terrace.

The two boardrooms should be ready shortly after the August 29th opening, and they can hold about 20 people each. One of them will be a suite (sans bedroom) perfect for use as a private hospitality room, a bridal suite, etc.

The two ballrooms won’t be ready until 2017, but when they are complete they will be spectacular. “I’m really excited for the ballrooms,” Director of Sales and Marketing Melissa Carter told us. “They’re different and unique, and both have natural lighting and lake views.”

The ballrooms will be excellent for weddings, but like the boardrooms, they are well-suited to other purposes as well, such as a corporate event. One ballroom will be on the first floor and one on the third, and they’re 5,000 square feet each.

The rooftop terrace will be open in time for guests to enjoy during September and October before the weather gets too cold. The space can hold about 100 people, will encompass a bar, and has incredible views of the lake and the mountains.

View from rooftop terrace

What Is the Courtyard Marriott Difference?

When asked what makes the hotel different from others in the area, Hall and Carter said it has more of a modern feel, it’s very spacious, and it’s a full service resort that’s able to cater to a diverse amount of people: the Courtyard Marriott can do everything from weddings to family reunions to smaller events like birthday parties.

“We’ll bring a different level of service to the community that people look for when they’re traveling,” Hall told us. You are essentially getting the best of two worlds – guests will receive the high class service you’d expect from a Marriott, but with a customized experience that is unique to Lake George.

Finally, the Courtyard Marriott will be open all year, which will do wonders for Lake George in terms of bringing people to the region beyond the summer months.

Lake George as a community has been looking to expand this amazing location into a year-round experience; the Courtyard Marriott will undoubtedly contribute to this effort, not only by being open through the winter months, but also by bringing in more business travelers.

“We don’t want to take away from the other hotels, but we do want to bring in a different sort of traveler,” Carter said. “Our big goal is to bring new travelers to the area, and Marriott brand can help with that.” As the hotel is right in the center of Lake George, those who are staying at the Courtyard Marriott on business will have lots of options to relax or keep busy and entertained when not in meetings.

Guests can walk to the nearby businesses like the Lake George Steamboat Company and check out all the area has to offer, or they can simply enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on their balcony or in one of the outdoor areas the hotel offers.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll definitely want to consider staying at the Courtyard Marriott during your next visit to Lake George.

You’ll be taken care of by a staff who has undergone extensive training to meet the highest expectations, and you’ll have the whole of Lake George right at your fingertips.