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WMHT Seeking Community’s Help With Charles R. Wood Documentary

For those with ties to the Lake George Region, the name Charles R. Wood is instantly recognizable. Not only was Wood the imaginative founder of Storytown, Gaslight Village, and Waxlife USA, but he was also the philanthropic creator of Double H Hole in the Woods, and gave to a multitude of other charitable causes.

Although it may seem hard to believe, a documentary has never been created about Wood’s life – until now. WMHT is partnering with Working Pictures to tell Wood’s story, and they need your help!

The filmmakers are seeking personal snapshots, home movies, and even souvenirs from Storytown and Gaslight Village to include in the documentary. If you have any stories or images you’d like to share, you can do so by 

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Major production funding for the documentary has been provided by Glens Falls Hospital and Glens Falls National Bank. The final result is expected to be broadcast in early 2016.