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Lake George Seeking Grants For Wastewater Treatment Project

An extensive report about the wastewater treatment system in Lake George Village has provided officials with an estimate of just how much it will cost to bring things up to speed. The next step in the upgrade is to secure the $15 million the Village will need to improve its wastewater treatment mechanisms and help maintain Lake George’s water quality.

According to The Post Star, the Village will be “seeking grants and low-interest loans from various state funding opportunities” to help cover the cost of replacing the existing wastewater treatment system with a more modern “enhanced nutrient removal process.” While much of the current infrastructure will stay intact, new components will be added to more effectively separate and treat the effluent.

Officials’ desire to be as prudent as possible in protecting the lake and its watershed from contamination is consistent with the efforts that are being made to keep invasive species out. The report suggested reusing wastewater for irrigation in certain locations, which could prevent the system from getting backed up, and would also make the project eligible to receive funding from “green” sources.
It is important that the system be upgraded, since in its current state, it is resulting in too many nutrients being deposited in nearby bodies of water. These nutrients lead to “decreased water clarity, algae blooms, and increased growth of aquatic plants, and can affect oxygen levels in the water,” The Post Star reports.
The new wastewater treatment system, once it is put in place, will be a tremendous step forward in the protection of Lake George and its pristine waters.
  • The Post Star: New Lake George sewer plant projected to cost at least $15 million