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Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Enjoy Lake George… Four-Foot Rattlesnake Seen Taking a Dip

We all know people come from near and far to cool off in Lake George during the summer. However, people aren’t the only ones who enjoy taking a quick dip in the lake… A four-foot long timber rattlesnake was seen cruising through the water last week!

Photo credit: Timber rattlesnake at den site Crotalus horridus via photopin (license)

Bolton Police Chief Jim Neumann told his story to WNYT stating the snake was swimming between Tongue Mountain and Black Mountain. “I estimate four feet long. It was a big one,” Neumann recalled.

While a swimming rattlesnake is definitely an unusual sight, it’s not completely uncommon. Biologist William Brown told WNYT that they can be seen in Lake George between six and 10 times a year during July and August, which is their mating season.

So, what should you do if you encounter this lake-loving reptile? It’s best to observe the snake from a safe distance, don’t provoke it and let it go on it’s own way.

The timber rattlesnake is an endangered species in New York State, but they are typically a common sight in certain parts of Lake George.

Have you ever seen a swimming snake in Lake George? What do you think about this large reptile taking a dip?