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5 Fun Facts About Martha’s Dandee Creme

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, chances are you can rave about the soft serve ice cream from Martha’s Dandee Creme on Route 9 in Queensbury. In fact, the delightful treat has garnered national attention from NBC’s The Today Show, USA Today, and beyond. Although you might have Martha’s hours of operation and your favorite flavors memorized, we’ve got 5 fun facts that you may not know!

1. Martha Was An Actual Person

Although the current owners are Beth and Dennis Lafontaine, the original owners of the property and the ice cream shop were Martha and Carl Freiberger. Martha had brought her knowledge of ice cream to the area from one of her family’s businesses on Long Island.

2. The Rooster Was Also Real

When you drive by Martha’s, one of the first things you’re likely to notice is the huge rooster on the sign. The Lafontaines say the real rooster’s name was Charlie, and he was likely a resident of the chicken farm that existed on the property before the Freibergers took it over.

3. Martha’s Rotates Through 36 Homemade Flavors

That’s right, 36! You can choose from classic flavors like chocolate, coffee, black raspberry, and strawberry, or branch out and try banana chocolate twist, salted caramel, creme de menthe, or marble cake! Ice cream is made fresh every day, so you know it’s good.

4. Martha’s Grill Can Cook A Burger In Under A Minute

Back in March, we visited Martha’s to check on the renovations that took place in preparation for the 2015 season. Matthew Brown, The Grill’s Operations Manager, demonstrated for us how Martha’s new grill can fully cook a burger in less than 60 seconds! Now that’s what I call service.

5. Martha’s Regularly Has 500 People Waiting In Line At Once

Aside from the rooster on the sign, the second thing you’ll notice when you drive by Martha’s is a massive gathering of people waiting for ice cream. Brown reported that this number can reach up to 500 at any given time! Don’t worry, though, with the 8 windows for ice cream orders and the brand new POS system, the lines move really quickly.

If you’ve never been to Martha’s, be sure you try it this summer. And if you’re a regular, we hope you enjoyed these fun facts about your favorite ice cream spot!