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Best Of Lake George: 3 Good Reasons To Vote

In case you haven’t heard, our Best of Lake George public opinion survey is open through the end of April for voting. This is the only survey of its kind here in Lake George, so this is the one that counts. Here are 3 good reasons why you should vote.
#1 – Make sure your favorites make the cut
If someone’s good at what they do, don’t you believe they should be recognized and appreciated for that? Make sure that the best places win, from restaurants to hotels and attractions, by voting daily in the survey (yes, that’s right, you can vote once per day).
#2 – Help others who don’t know better
Ever vacation somewhere and wish you knew a local or had a guide to tell you which places were worth trying? Help a stranger out and save them the frustration of blindly picking places to stay, eat and have fun. Give them your recommendations by voting in the Best of Lake George this year.
#3 – Reserve the right to complain later

If you didn’t vote, you can’t complain, right? Well, if you DO vote and your favorites don’t make the cut, you’ll be validated and can gripe about the results all you want. At least you can do your best to make sure the best places make the cut. Remember, you can vote daily!

There are many reasons to vote, and it’s easy. It really doesn’t take long, so what are you waiting for?