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An Inside Look: Fright Fest

This October, while the tranquil town of Lake George rests after a busy summer season, chaos ensues nearby at the The Great Escape. Chainsaws roar, ghouls roam free, and screams ring through the air as the annual Halloween Celebration, Fright Fest, takes over the theme park. We have the inside scoop on the NEW attractions, the daytime delights, and the twilight terrors taking place every weekend in October at The Great Escape.

Frights by Night

In 2013, for the first time in many years, the Great Escape will be open on Friday evenings to scare your pants off, with NEW attractions. With five frightening areas to tour, and as many “monstertainment” shows throughout the park, the Great Escape Fright Fest gives the crowd that terrified feeling that is oh-so-fun.

Rebecca Close, Communications Manager at The Great Escape gave us the details on the NEW scare zone called Ghost Town: Dead in the West.

This terrifying territory was the site of a horrible mining accident 150 years ago. The once charming western village is now ruled by zombies gone wild. Rebecca notes that this scare zone, filled with fog, street performances, and loud music will scare all your senses.

Ghost Town: Dead in the West is joined by Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon, a new haunted attraction. This abandoned mine shaft filled with deranged doctors, crazed archaeologists, and the corpses of Ghost Town inhabitants is so scary, children under 12 should not enter.

Also in this scare zone is the Saloon of Darkness, a pitch-black haunted maze that debuted in 2012. Classic fan favorites like Malice in Wonderland and Skull Manor will also be up and running, scarier than ever.

These ghastly attractions are accompanied by the “monstertainment” shows, with everything from zombies to clowns, these choreographed performances will have your heart racing and your toes tapping.

When we asked Rebecca how guests can best prepare for the evening, she said you can’t prepare yourself for the horrors of Fright Fest. The best you can do is wear comfortable shoes – for running away from the murderous performers – and bring a sweatshirt – the spine chilling effect of the night is quite powerful when combined with the crisp Adirondack autumn air.

Of course, the Great Escape warns that the louder you scream, the safer you’ll be, and that if you get lost, you will be eaten. So stick with your buddies and bring the whole family – there’s power in numbers.

Thrills by Day

Are you a scaredy cat? No worries! Get to the park before 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday for Thrills by Day, the totally harmless Halloween celebration.

There’s fun for kids and adults during the Thrills by day. This is a great time to see the beautiful fall foliage of the Adirondacks from atop the Giant Wheel or the Sky Ride! All the attractions, besides the water rides, will be open for your enjoyment on these gorgeous autumn days.

Meanwhile, kids can participate in a screaming contest, trick-or-treat, and get heckled by a crazy Jack O’Lantern. Join in family and kids’ entertainment like inflatables, magic shows, and street dancing accompanied the classic Six Flags rides and attractions.

But beware, because once the clock strikes 5, the Six Flags theme park transforms into a terrifying territory. No one is safe from the Halloween horrors.

Great Events

In addition to the phenomenal Friday – Sunday Thrills by Day & Frights by Night events, the Great Escape will also host some amazing special events:

Get Tickets

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Get your tickets now and start scaring yourself silly THIS WEEKEND!

We gave you the inside scoop, but no one truly knows whats in store for you at The Great Escape Fright Fest.

Will we see YOU enjoying a calm fall afternoon at The Great Escape with some innocent entertainment and trick-or-treating?  Or will you be screaming your face off at night, trying to escape the horrors of the evening Fright Fest? Let us know by commenting below!

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