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Sushi Yoshi $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Sushi Yoshi is holding a $100 gift certificate giveaway. You could win a gift certificate to Sushi Yoshi and take your friends, family, or especially dates. Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by!
What’s Sushi Yoshi? Imagine yourself adrift on the endless open seas, then landing a trading vessel into the Japanese harbor. What have you come for? Sushi, of course!

That’s refreshing, but isn’t there an easier way? Why not just stop by Sushi Yoshi right here in Lake George NY? Sushi Yoshi is the best sushi this side of the pacific, without question. No less, they’ve got great Chinese and Japanese cuisine that’ll blow your mind! If you’re in the mood for exotic food, stop by for convenient, relaxing, and comfortable foreign fare without all the hassle of taming the savage seas. 
Even better, Sushi Yoshi is offering a $100 gift certificate giveaway for FREE! Bring a whole group of people to Sushi Yoshi on your gift certificate giveaway winnings. Whether it’s a night with the kids or a night on the town, you’ll have a fantastic time with your $100.
Your dates will love your suave and romantic choice of exotic eatery, and your kids will scream with unbridled glee at the new sensations of delicious sushi. Everyone loves Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and everyone will love you too when you win a hundred dollars’ worth from the Sushi Yoshi gift certificate giveaway