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This Rain Does Have Benefits After All!

This rain is a bummer for some, but it may be a blessing for others! For all whitewater rafting aficionados, this rain is a dream come true!
Whitewater rafting is at its peak because of this rain. Rafting is a very wet activity, in fact, it can be the best outdoor activity for a rainy day.

Some rafting companies claim that they have had some of their best trips in the rain.These companies and their customers are the ones who actually encourage the rain!
Since this summer has been one of the wettest so far, the rafting has been outstanding. Some families are concerned that there may be too much water; but in whitewater rafting water world that just means it’s double the fun! 
The owners of Adirondac Rafting Company say that all this rain is a great thing because it keeps “the reservoirs full and for the rest of the summer we will have great dam releases.” Located in Indian Lake, NY, this company rafts through the Hudson River Gorge and actually looks forward to the rain each summer!
They also have all the gear to keep rafters comfortable in the temperature of the air and water. These factors help the quality of the rafting and make the experience much more enjoyable.
So keep the rain coming and head out to the water for some outstanding rafting!
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