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Move Over Centurion – New Bicycle Race Comes to Lake George Region: Randonnee Cycliste Adirondacks!

A new bicycling event, Randonnee Cycliste Adirondacks, has emerged from the cancellation of June 2013’s Centurion Cycling event.
Centurion scaled back their 2013 races in the U.S., canceling their Lake George race this year due to limited participation. This has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as coordinators of last summer’s Centurion Cycling event have recruited Medalist Sports of Atlanta, to promote and operate a cycling event in Lake George NY! 
Managers from Medalist Sports of Atlanta, one of the country’s biggest race promoters, visited the area and signed on for the event, which will be held on September 27-29 – between the Adirondack Balloon Festival and Columbus Day weekends. They hope to make the race a long-term annual Lake George event.
The Randonnee Cycliste Adirondacks event will be a family event with a festival atmosphere. Crisp weather and stunning foliage are a couple of motives behind the autumn scheduling of the event. The Million Dollar Beach parking lot in Lake George, NY, is a possible location for the start and finish.
Will you be signing up for the Randonnee Cycliste Adirondacks event this fall in Lake George NY?