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Women Can Sit Back And Relax Again – The Wakonda Lodge Is Reopening Its Doors

The Wiawaka Holiday House, the oldest women’s retreat in the country, is reopening the doors to the Wakonda Lodge this summer!

The 60-acre retreat home, located on the southern end of Lake George, welcomes over 1,000 women each summer while offering programs for women veterans, cancer survivors, caregivers and survivors of domestic violence.
Wiawaka’s mission, long history and beautiful grounds have always made it a great getaway location for women.

After receiving a generous grant from the Wright Family Foundation, the Wakonda Lodge is now ready to open their doors once again.

The lodge has been closed since 2002 and will be reopened after installing new amenities and improving the structure that is over a century old. The Wakonda Lodge was constructed in 1903 and was used by women factory workers to relax. Since its construction the house has provided lifelong memories for girls each year.

Last year, the Wakonda Lodge was damaged by a severe storm that created structural damage to the lodge and other buildings.
The lodge has received new electrical wiring, modernize bathroom, new furnishings and improved landscaping. There will be a grand reopening event on June 29, 2013 with music, food, drinks and staff will be in costume attire.
Do you have a story about visiting the Wakonda Lodge or Wiawaka Holiday House? Share your memories in the comment below.