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Inaugural Iron Chef Competition

Competitive cooking shows are all the rage these days. Whether it’s turning mystery ingredients into a gourmet meal or creating the craziest cupcake, America is addicted, or at least I am!

Next week the first-ever Iron Chef Lake George brings local chefs together to compete for the title on the hibachi grills of Sushi Yoshi.
Everyone knows that Lake George is home to some great eats; now you can see the behind the scenes action. Watch as teams from 9 of Lake George’s top restaurants show what they are made of.

Each team will have 30 minutes to cook a dish of their choice. Judges will then diliberate based on the following categories: taste, presentation, creativity, teamwork and  the “wow” factor.

Iron Chef Lake George is open to the public. So come cheer on your favorite team, watch as the competition heats up and while you’re at it pick up some tips for the kitchen!