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Drive Up Prospect Mountain Via The Veterans Memorial Highway

Prospect Mountain is one of the most popular hiking spots around Lake George, but if you are not able to hike to the summit, you can still experience the amazing views. A short drive up Veterans Memorial Highway leads to scenic outlooks along the way and a large picnic area at the top of the mountain.

Many people have been anxiously wondering when Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway will be opening for the 2020 season, and we're excited to share that the highway is now open as of July 1, 2020.

sign for Prospect Mountain Highway

The Drive To The Top

The Veterans Memorial Highway is a 5.5-mile long route that is open daily from July 1 through November 11, 2020, weather permitting. The hours are 10am to 6pm through Labor Day, and then 9am to 5pm through the fall. The turn for the highway is located on Route 9 approximately 1/2-mile south of Lake George Village and directly across from the Lake George Chamber of Commerce.

There are three scenic outlooks with pull-off spots on the way up to the summit, and each offers some great photo opportunities.

Farther along is a large parking lot where all vehicles will be left.

Updates for 2020:

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the following precautions and changes will be in place:

  • The shuttle from the final parking lot to the summit will not operate. Visitors will have to complete the short walk to the top.
  • Picnicking will be prohibited; additionally, the picnic pavilions will not be available to rent.
  • Restrooms will remain closed.
  • View scopes at the pull-offs and on the summit have been dismantled.

Pricing Varies By Vehicle

There is a small fee to access the route up Prospect Mountain and park in the lot.

  • Cars/Vans: $10
  • Motorcycles: $5
  • Bicycles: $2
  • Buses: $50

In addition, Lake George Scooters at 2239 State Route 9, Lake George, offers scoot coupe/scooter rentals that can be driven up the Veterans Memorial Highway.

view from the prospect mountain summit

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