2018 Lake George Polar Plunge

Take A New Year's Day Swim In The Cold Lake Waters!

people at polar plunge

Every year, hundreds gather on the frosty shores of Lake George for a daring New Year's Day swim, known as the Polar Plunge. That tradition continues this New Year's Day at Shepard Park Beach where about 1,000 or more participants are expected to take part in the Lake George Polar Plunge.

The annual Lake George Polar Plunge has been a popular tradition for years, occuring on the "First Day" in Lake George.

Over a thousand people crowd Shepard Park Beach in their swimming trunks and bikinis for the event, shivering and dancing around to stay warm before the countdown to the big plunge. Then, all at once, they rush into the bone-chilling waters for a New Year's polar bear swim!

Shepard Park Beach is located on Canada Street in Lake George Village.

Note: The 2018 details have not been announced yet. We will update our info when they are released. In the meantime, last year's details are below.

When Is The Plunge?

At 1:00pm on January 1st each year, hundreds of human polar bears take to the water.

Registration for the 2017 Lake George Polar Plunge takes place at 10:00am on the morning of the plunge at Duffy's Tavern on Amherst Street. You can pre-register from 11:00am-5:00pm on December 31 at Duffy's Tavern as well. A registration form is available to print and bring in for those who can't attend regular registration in person.

Waves of participants begin hitting the icy winter waters of Lake George at 1:00pm.

After the plunge is over, there will be a party at Duffy's Tavern featuring drink specials and live music with The Master Cylinders Band.

What Does It Cost?

Registration for the Plunge is FREE! If you'd like to purchase a 2017 Polar Plunge long-sleeved t-shirt, you can at Duffy's Tavern for $15.

Don't Forget...

Lake George will be very cold this time of year, so it's best to be prepared for the Polar Plunge:

  • Pack a towel and water shoes
  • Wear your swimsuit under your clothes
  • Bring easy to get into warm clothes (and shoes!) for after the Plunge
  • For your own safety, never dive into the water
  • Bring a plastic bag for wet clothes, and somewhere to store your dry clothes
  • Bring along a disposable, waterproof camera
  • Have fun!

What To Expect

Wondering what it's like? Winter in Lake George is no mild climate, so the waters are frigid and just barely above freezing temperature. In some years, there has even been a thin film of ice to swim through. It is cold!

Most take the plunge and hurry back to the shore for dry land and fluffy towels, but there are others who seem to be true polar bears at heart! Surprisingly, many will actually stay in the freezing cold water and swim around a while. Whether it's merely a show for their friends or the water simply doesn't feel as cold to them, these daring swimmers take polar plunging to a whole new level!

If you still have doubts about how chilly it can be, we've posted a Lake George Polar Plunge video below. You can watch the participants' reactions and listen to their excited shrieks and screams as the icy winter water stings their skin.

For more information, contact Duffy's Tavern at 518-668-5323.

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